Haigazian University announced the establishment of the “George M. Kassarjian Memorial Scholarship Fund” in memory of the late George M. Kassarjian (1934-2019) thanks to a generous donation of US$200,000, as specified in his will. George and his late wife, Miralda Ekmekji Kassarjian, had also supported Haigazian University during the refurbishment of its Heritage Building in 2011.

Professor Barkev Kassarjian, George’s brother and a longtime Haigazian University Board member, stated his and his family’s firm conviction that Haigazian University “occupies a truly unique niche in higher education”, and that “located at the crossroads of a vital Middle East, in Beirut, where competing religious convictions often clash, and ethnic origins typically dictate political loyalties, Haigazian stands as a beacon of calm understanding and tolerance. Respected by all, inclusive to diversity, its motto of Truth, Freedom, and Service provide the kinds of timeless values, that have a demonstrated record of preparing future leaders.” Professor Kassarjian, acknowledging the fact that HU stands as the only “Armenian university in the world following the American liberal arts model,” concluded by saying that, “Haigazian University needs and deserves the generous financial support of Armenian and non-Armenian communities around the world. This University is too precious a resource, a proud beacon of impartial learning that we need to guard at all cost.”

Haigazian University President Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian expressed his deep gratitude, and considered this scholarship fund to be a valued example of “the right answer at the right time, for the needs of our students”. He paid homage to the memory of George Kassarjian and assured the family that the best memories are those of giving and sacrifice and that the Kassarjian name will be part of the university’s history and commitment in of preparing young generations for a future of fulfillment and development.

President’s Office
Haigazian University
May 15, 2020