Help (Re)Build Syria


(Re)building communities from fear of violence and financial burdens will help bring a sense of hope for Syrian Armenians struggling with the conflicts Aleppo faces today. Syrian Armenians who choose to stay within the country need our prayers and the reconstruction of Worship Centers to seek guidance from the Lord.

In the midst of daily challenges, the Armenian Missionary Association of America honors its relief efforts to Syria. We have not forgotten the destruction of the Emmanuel Church of Aleppo.

With your continued support, we can complete the restoration of the Emmanuel Church of Aleppo and provide a community for those who thirst for the Word of God. Putting God’s Word into practice strengthens faith, peace, unity, and hope.

Your generous gift will help our communities in Syria to put together the missing pieces and (re)build what has fallen.

Thank you for your support!
Download Syria Appeal Flyer

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