Aid for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

v_X3EOc6dM47nUZ3iQfkL9eEgh6Y8lxDgPo8o2aM4N9vKC3qjM1KQ6M3tDYsQp-DtTRaWhfPCAWZTtVk9TtIk4sO_QIxq3xs3zKUtnF17UpInQSBjH3gRleAUCtJgApNw0k8ECUf02r-gXbIxk6DVA=s0-d-e1-ft.pngHurricane Harvey has caused extreme flooding and widespread damage through parts of Texas and along the Gulf Coast.

The AMAA appeals to its members and friends with the request that we remember our fellow Americans in our prayers, and also with financial support.

By the Numbers:

  • Category 4 Hurricane at landfall. (first since 2004)DDDx6aP1cStV7fddVLceT0YWaMrAW5reMUZRw610X-8UEHjJZAaUDcl0cEWORa7boZTbEZTPu0HYrPUQyaMbP_R4KYDoxhm54Y-vysbaDbc-jKz4FALcrSxPQDPKtvbbiIUISHpDtPZ3JQw0j_o79g=s0-d-e1-ft
  • 130mph winds
  • 8 Million people within area of impact
  • Nearly 300,000 without power
  • 50 inches of rain expected in some regions
  • 500,000 homes already affected



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