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In the Lori region of Armenia, situated on the banks of the River Debed, surrounded by the mountains and trees is the beautiful town of Alaverdi.  Once considered as being one of the major centers of ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry in the Soviet Union, numerous factories produced food, textile and garments, domestic and service enterprises thrived.  Nowadays, the town’s population of 13,000 people deceases day by day as residents are migrating out of this beautiful region.  Lack of employment is a driving factor.

In 2000 the Christian Education programs were created for children, youth and discipleship groups.  Every year these children are given the opportunity to enjoy a restful week at the “Sheen-Shoghik” Camp in Hankavan.  Nearly 155 children, youth and young adults attend the various Christian education ministries.

In 2002 a Bible study group eventually evolved into worship services.  There are currently 80 communicant members and 50 members who participate in the discussions and prayers organized during the week.

In 2004 the AMAA purchased a building and renovated the second floor and roof.  It serves as a Church and office work.  There are four sponsored elderly people for whom monthly food and social services are provided.

In 2016 a tutorial Day Center was opened where before lessons begin the children are given a daily snack. At least 27 children attend the Educational (Tutorial) Day Center, where help is given to the children with their homework, crafts and spiritual lessons are given.  Mathematics, Armenian and English language teachers assist them.   A social worker also works with the children and their parents to reveal any problems and work in a solution.  The children attend with great love and parents often express their gratitude and cooperate with the teachers at the Center.

As our programs continued to grow in Alaverdi the following renovations needed to be addressed:  renovation of the toilet, convert a storage room into a classroom for the after-school Day Center program and renovate an old structure for storage use.
Alaverti main building (1)