All-Armenian Evangelical Youth Conference: Day 10… August 11, 2018

Yerevan: Joy and gratitude from the children who are attending VBS at the Shogh Center in Yerevan

All throughout the day reports have been coming in from across Armenia, from our mission teams, who are serving with their whole hearts (“dukhov” as they say these days). They are there to give a boost to the dedicated work being done by locals in various locations Armenia.

Here are a few glimpses of some of what they’ve been doing:

In Vartenis: “We helped with Vacation Bible School (VBS), led games, helped with the Bible lessons and discussions. Pastor Armen is taking very good care of us!” (Meri Azizian, Armenia)

In Hankavan: “Our 10-person team split up into 3 divisions. Two of the girls worked in the kitchen, a few others cleaned the windows and weeded around two of the buildings. Some of them even said they wanted to do more challenging work!” (Armen Misakyan, Armenia)

In Stepanavan: “We visited nine people living alone in Dashir. Our group introduces themselves, witness, pray and sing spiritual songs, I read the Bible and share a message. We praise the Lord for this opportunity to be in touch with these elders. They are very needy, but their faith remains alive and hopeful.” (Rev. Gilbert Léonian, France)

In their free time, the local leaders have been taking the groups to nearby historic or natural touristic sites or to local events, enabling them to appreciate the riches that exist in these under-served communities.

Mission Project organizer and AMAA Representative in Armenia, Harout Nercessian, says, “I am very impressed with the positive attitude of all the youth. Bravo everyone. I am so proud of you all.”

– Rev. Nishan Bakalian