All-Armenian Evangelical Youth Conference: Day 13… Aug. 14, 2018

Although they had to face cold weather in Tilijan, the team was enthusiastic and grateful that they were able to finish their natural insulation project (14 Aug. 2018)

It was reunion time at Hankavan! The mission teams showed up at the camp one by one, each bringing a van-load of energy with them. The youth hugged and kissed each other, they jumped up and down, they even were dancing a shourch-bar (circle dance).

It was also story time at Hankavan. Stories about their experiences in their mission service projects. Animatedly, around the lunch and dinner tables, they shared what they did, both their work as well as their interactions with the local communities. Pastor Datev Basmajian (Lebanon) relates how the teams in Nor Ayntab drew so close that they shared not only their common ministry, but also their colds! And all of the other groups said the same.

One of the young men said, “Thank you so much for sending me to Margahovit. My life will not be the same after this.” I challenged him to take that energy and apply it to his home church life. Others who were not looking particularly happy as they were being sent out came back with smiles and stories, and the realization that they had been the hands and heart of God.

The evening worship was followed by presentations from each mission team. With pictures and videos they informed the entire assembly of what they had done, then someone else in the group prayed not only for the team, but especially for those they served, that God would continue to work in those places of difficulty, poverty, danger, and Christian hope. It was akin to the disciples returning to the Lord Jesus, telling him about the work of God they had witnessed as Jesus sent them out two by two to the places he was about to go (Luke 10.1, 17).

At the evening’s conclusion, Rev. Mgrdich Melkonian challenged the youth to put into action the awareness that they felt as a result of these projects, and consider entering missionary service among the Armenian people. In the face of these great needs, the energy and Christian commitment of these young people can be powerful tools in God’s hand.

The fields are ripe, but the laborers are few (Luke 10.2). The job of all of us, no matter what our age, is to pray for God’s call to be heard by these young sowers, cultivators and harvesters.

– Rev. Nishan Bakalian