All-Armenian Evangelical Youth Conference: Day 7… Aug. 8, 2018

Loving the Lord with their hearts, their souls, their minds and their strength

Each day the worship time is expressing the desire of these young Armenian Evangelicals for authentic worship, and today was no exception. Badveli Harut Khachatryan’s study of II Tim. 3 helped the youth to consider the ungodly attitudes of our days, and the importance of a godly starting point. Rev. Melkonian led the analysis of the Armenian Evangelical Church in the present, and conferees learned what makes a healthy, growing church.

This full day included a trip to Haghartzin monastery, and an evening presentation of village bread making by the “Gean” Educational-Cultural Center, as well as open-air games. More significantly, AMAA Armenia Representative Harout Nercessian gave a short presentation on the upcoming service projects the youth will be undertaking.

Mathieu Mikaelian of France shared these thoughts on his experience so far:

“This is my first trip to Armenia and I am happy that the AMAA has organized such a beautiful program. Another surprise was the retreat center in Hankavan, which is spacious and very nice.

“Regarding the biblical messages, the theme of leadership is an essential topic for the development of our churches… The pastors are teaching us why Paul chose Timothy to be a leader… Paul advises him to be vigilant, to work for Jesus, not to be discouraged, not to forget the gifts that God has given us …

We are called to be models, to represent Christ on earth. As an athlete who would represent his country, we must do our utmost to be irreproachable to give a good testimony to the world.

“In the course of discussions with some, what stands out is also the subject of unity among the churches. But if we do not know each other, how can we be united? This camp is an opportunity to really get to know each other through our exchanges between young people and the different presentations of the leaders.”

Rev. Nishan Bakalian


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