All-Armenian Evangelical Youth Conference: Day 8… August 9, 2018

Groups of twos and threes praying for each other, and for their fellow youth throughout the world

Pastor Paul Siwajian led the final study, from II Timothy 4, after a time of worship, and looked at the Apostle Paul’s final words about how God reminds us that he is faithfully with us, especially when we are abandoned by others.  

Focusing on one aspect of the future of the Armenian Evangelical Church, the group discussion centered on the sometimes-controversial subject of hymns and songs. The most important question to answer is, “Why do we do what we do?” The answer to this question reflect our theology. Whatever the form and format, our worship should bring people into God’s presence.

In the concluding discussion session, after lunch, the youth prepared answers and suggestions that they will take to their Unions. And they enjoyed their first bit of free time on the camp’s sports fields.

Much has changed in the eight days the group has been together. The language barriers remain, but there is more association between people from different regions. As they find more in common, new possibilities are emerging, such as the 20 or so pastors’ children present, create a worldwide network of Armenian Evangelical “PK”s for mutual support and encouragement. 

Prayer is taking a larger place throughout each day. Some of it is in response to the presentations by the various Unions (today was North/South America, the Europe Fellowship, France and Armenia). Sometimes groups of young people are meeting to pray together.  

Day 8 1260459

Finally feast-time… and then dance some more!

The day ended with a barbecue party under the stars, complete with roast pig. As they had practiced two days ago, the boys lined up on one side, the girls on the other, and sang “Khio, Khio” and “Ambi Dagits” to each other. Then they made a huge circle and danced the “Dzaghgatzori Bar” in the cool summer night.

– Rev. Nishan Bakalian