Has Launched a New Virtual Exhibition with 360° Interactive Panoramas

IMG_9195_web.jpgAMAA Armenia and Action Studio present a new virtual exhibition with 360° interactive panoramas, dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Missionary Association of America. More than 60 artworks by 15 Armenian Evangelical artists are presented, reports

The web application allows you to navigate through the gallery hall, where you can click on any art work to see it in large size. Due to its rich technical features, the program also works with CardBoard, Gear VR and other multimedia glasses for virtual reality.

This web application, saturated with interesting innovative solutions, in 3D space illustrates the artworks of the exhibition which took place at the Artists’ Union of Armenia in 2018 from September 26 to October 1, including paintings of different genres, as well as photographs, sculptures, and contemporary art samples.

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