AMAA’s Statement on Azerbaijan’s Aggression Upon Artsakh

On this Lord’s day, Sunday morning, September 27, 2020, once again the borders of the peace loving nation of Artsakh Republic is violated.

Once again, the peaceful civilian population of Artsakh is attacked, rushing women and children to shelters.Once again, hired mercenaries lifted from the hot spots in the Near East have joined the Azeri assault.

Once again, cities, towns and villages, where the population were peacefully preparing to attend Sunday worship services, are bombarded by artillery and military assault drones.

Once again, the adventurous leadership in Azerbaijan has ventured aggression and force to impose their violent solution to the conflict.

The Armenian Missionary Association of America joins the entire Armenian nation and the civilized world and in the strongest terms, condemns this aggression.

AMAA places its facilities in the Artsakh Republic under the disposal of the civilian authorities to shelter women, children and the elderly.

AMAA calls on all peace loving people and nations to join in prayer, seeking guidance and wisdom from God Almighty and the divine imposition of peace in the land of Noah.

All men and nations created by God Almighty have an unalienable right to a peaceful life. The people of Artsakh are not an exception.

Zaven Khanjian
AMAA Executive Director/CEO