AMAA Welcomes Artsakh FM David Babayan

AMAA welcomed a delegation from Artsakh, headed by Artsakh Foreign Minister David Babayan at a dinner reception held on September 27, 6pm at Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director/ CEO welcomed the guests to the social hall of the school where, after introductions and welcoming words Mr. Babayan presented a gift of remembrance to AMAA which was received by AMAA President Dr. Nazareth Darakjian.

Artsakh Foreign Minister David Babayan & Merdinian School Principal Dr. Souzy Ohanian

On behalf of the school, Principal Dr. Souzy Ohanian welcomed the guests and introduced the students who presented a bouquet of Armenian Patriotic songs and recitations.

During the reception/dinner Mr. Khanjan introduced the AMAA guests followed by some Armenian patriotic and spiritual songs presented by Rev. Harut Khachatryan, Senior Pastor of the United Armenian Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

Mr. Khanjan with a power point presentation introduced AMAA’s mission and service ministry in Artsakh.

Mr. Khanjian reaffirmed AMAA’s commitment to continue its outreach to Artsakh and for our people in Artsakh.

Dr. Darakjian thanked Zaven and Sona Khanjian as well as Principal Dr. Ohanian for organizing this reception. He also thanked Mr. Babayan and his delegation for honoring us with their visit.

In his remarks Mr. Babayan thanked the AMAA for their various service ministries in Artsakh for many years and wished for continued cooperation for the sake of Artsakh and for the people of Artsakh.

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