AMAA’s Vanadzor “Shogh” Day Center Moves to New Location

Earlier this year, AMAA’s “Shogh” Children’s Day Center in Vanadzor moved to its new location. The AMAA bought the building last year and renovated and furnished it as the new “Shogh” Center. The children, who attended the Center since 2013 when the Center was first opened, cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony which was held on February 4. The staff welcomed the children to the new Center with applause, smiles and exclaiming “Welcome to the Shogh Center.”

Following the opening ceremony, the staff and families toured the Center where they were delighted to see the new furnishings in the classrooms.

In the new Center, the bee serves as a symbol of diligence, production and punctuality, and the children were welcomed with images of the bee family. The children were happy to learn that they were also members of that bee family. The many types of flowers in their imaginary fairytale garden had conventional names such as a flower of kindness, responsibility and care. They chose the flower nectar from which they will receive and bring their drop of honey into the Center, filling it with a symbolic honeycomb. Each made his/her own contribution by saying: “A drop of righteousness, kindness, faithfulness …” and they posted their bees on the wall as a promise to obey the Center’s rules, each repeating, “I am the Shogh.”

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, a reception was held which was also a reminder of a hive – organized work of bees, its efficiency and usefulness.

May every child enjoy the fruits of their work and share it with others. That is where our efforts are focused.

(Translated to English by Louisa Janbazian from the Eastern Armenian text written by Irina Chakhoyan, Coordinator of the Center)

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