Rising From the Ashes

Rebuilding After a Devastating Fire

Members of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Anjar, Lebanon are hoping to rebuild their house of worship after a devastating fire caused substantial damage to the interior and furniture, including damage to the heating and plumbing systems and electrical wiring. Church members and community locals heroically worked together to contain it, until the fire department was able to arrive. “It was indeed a miracle that there were no human injuries. However, the fire, the thick smoke and the heat caused significant damage to the Church, including damage to the walls, floors, and ceilings.” stated Rev. Hagop Akbasharian, Anjar Church Pastor and Principal of the School. The fire began in the Church’s office heater, damaging equipment, incinerating church records and caused severe smoke damage throughout the structure.

The Armenian Evangelical Church of Anjar has served as a central place of worship, education and sharing God’s love for the past 83 years. The Church is part of a campus which includes the Armenian Evangelical Secondary School and Boarding Department. Please consider lending your support to help fund the repair of the damage caused by this fire. Your gift will make a difference in the Anjar Evangelical Community and will help cover the estimated $70,000 total cost to complete this repair and renovation project. The proposed renovations will not only restore the Church but will also enhance its functionality and safety.

For we are not going to deprive our people in Anjar to say: “How awesome is this Place: This is none other than the House of God, and this is the gate to heaven.” Genesis 28:17

Here are four ways you can donate today

To mail a check: AMAA, 31 W Century Road Paramus, NJ 07652 memo: Anjar Emergency Appeal
To make a wire transfer: Please call (201.265.2607 x107)
or email mpoulos@amaa.org for wiring instructions
To make a donation via phone: Please call (201.265.2607 x126)

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