Armenian Children’s Milk Fund


Every Baby Deserves a Healthy Start
Please Make a Difference for Our Little Ones

The Armenian Children’s Milk Fund (ACMF) understands how providing a healthy start for babies establishes the foundation for their future growth and development.

The ACMF was created in 1989, soon after the devastating Earthquake in Armenia, by Armenian women in Boston, MA to fill one vital nutritional need ̶ baby formula for infants in the Homeland who are orphaned or ill, whose mothers are unable to breastfeed or whose families are unable to purchase formula.

With the loving support of volunteers and donors, the ACMF has been able to fill that need and supply infant formula over the years to more than 10,000 Armenian infants, providing a healthy beginning to their life. While breast milk offers optimal nutrition and our AMAA Centers in Armenia support breastfeeding, we also know that it isn’t always an option.

For 30 years ACMF has been an advocate for needy families. Even though Armenia’s economy has recently undergone a transformation and the poverty rate has declined by a small percentage, the reality is that many Armenians remain desperately poor, and in many cases unable to provide their newborn with proper nutrition.

ACMF currently has 500 Armenian babies enrolled in the Milk Fund Program and provides formula for nine months. We see the increasing need in Armenia and want to expand the Program to ensure that these infants receive formula through 12 months.

Please join us in celebrating 30 years of service for the ACMF and give the gift of love and nutrition to Armenia’s babies. Help us make a difference in their precious lives!

“Let us love one another for love comes from God.” 1 John 4:7

Be a Part of Their Right Start

Sweet Amalia is a beneficiary of the AMAA’s Armenian Children’s Milk Fund (ACMF) program. Due to dire living circumstances and her mother being unable to nurse, Amalia was initially given tea instead of nutritious milk, leading Amalia to become malnourished. With the intervention of a pediatrician, and taking into consideration the allergies of the infant, Amalia was referred to the ACMF program. The formula received via the ACMF has put Amalia on the path for a healthier start and has helped alleviate some financial burden of paying for formula.

Arthur exhibited allergy symptoms very early, and even though the percentage is very small of there being a reaction to his mother’s milk, his pediatrician opted to switch to formula to better monitor Arthur’s health. The doctor referred the family to the ACMF. Arthur’s family were refugees from Baku and are still struggling with making ends meet. Receiving much-needed formula for Arthur has helped lessen one of their worries. Formula has made a difference in Arthur’s growth and his allergic symptoms have ended.

Soon after she was born, it was discovered that Naré has a heart condition, which is keeping her under the immediate supervision of her doctor. Naré also exhibited certain allergies, which led her to being referred to the ACMF Program. Living on a meager allowance and in communal apartment housing, receiving formula from the Program has been a great relief to her parents and gives them peace of mind that their youngest daughter is receiving proper nutrition.


Support a child at $300 per year, or a child at $25 per month.