Armenian Evangelical Churches of Eurasia and Europe

A Covenant of Hope

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15

As our Lord commanded, we are to go into all the world to make disciples. Today, with so much turmoil and dislocation, there is opportunity to reach so many with the hope of our faith. We desire to make a difference in the lives of men and women in both Europe and Eurasia. This is why the AMAA has committed $2M of the Centennial Campaign to the endowments for Europe and Eurasia. The AMAA will continue to make an eternal difference through ministry, outreach, discipleship, and support of our churches.

Considerable numbers of Armenians have emigrated to Europe and Eurasia from Armenia over the last several years. As a result, the need for coordination and mobilization between the Armenian Evangelical Fellowship of Europe (AEFE) and the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in Eurasia (UAECE) for pastoral support and church growth has increased.

The AEFE, which was formed in May 1999, has churches in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Turkey, Greece, Germany and a mission field in Holland. Rev. Gilbert Léonian, President of AEFE, maintains contact with these churches. Each of the churches call on him regularly for help and visits for even closer spiritual and fraternal support.
More than ever prayers and moral and financial support is needed so that God may strengthen our mission in Europe and continue to make the proclamation of the Gospel to the Armenians of Europe bear fruit.

The UAECE brings together the Armenian Evangelical churches and fellowships of the Former Soviet Union Republics. The Union consists of 2 churches and 5 fellowships in Russia, 1 church in Abkhazia and 5 churches and fellowships in Georgia. The Union aims at helping the churches grow and its pastors mature. It provides pastoral support to the ministers and young leaders; organizes pastoral visitations and outreach; helps in the implementation of Christian Education programs; and promotes fraternal relations between member churches, fellowships and their ministers. Rev. René Léonian, President of UAECE, visits these churches and fellowships on a regular basis.
The Armenian Evangelical Church in Tbilisi, Georgia was originally established in the 1880s. Currently the weekly church activities are held in a dilapidated building which is quickly becoming insufficient to accommodate the growing Church. The Tbilisi Church urgently needs an appropriate building in order to reach its goals. The Church must not only be a spiritual center, but also a center that protects our Armenian identity and culture.

Please help the AMAA leave a legacy of hope in these regions by supporting the Centennial Campaign and contributing to the Europe and Eurasia Endowment Fund.

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