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Children are born with an intuitive sense of wonder and trust. Given a nurturing and supportive environment, their individual abilities reveal themselves exponentially over the course of time.

AMAA Kindergartens cultivate an atmosphere that fosters a child’s curiosity and encourages the physical, social and emotional development in a nurturing setting. Dedicated teachers and caring staff provide meaningful learning opportunities for their students, in a safe and happy environment. Each child is diligently engaged, intellectually and emotionally, over the course of the school year.
A quality early childhood education remains a sound investment for communities at large because of the foundation established for further learning.

When you walk into any AMAA Kindergarten, you will notice the signs of a safe, nurturing environment: the student’s smiling faces, their excited chatter, bright artwork adorning the walls, well-kept napping areas and nutritious meals served. AMAA remains committed to maintaining a legacy of excellence in education which has been evident for over a century and continues to enable children of all ages to achieve their best.

The Building Blocks of our Future

Artsakh, which has a growing young population, has four AMAA kindergartens. These KGs are well known and greatly appreciated by both the parents and the authorities. The KGs provide indispensable services to the communities they serve in, such as:

  • Quality education
  • Nutritious meals to the children
  • Supports parents and boosts employment

1. Hagop and Lydia Baghdikian KG in Stepanakert established in 2001
Total number of children attending the Baghdikian KG is 120. For many years the Baghdikian KG was recognized as the best KG in Artsakh. Every year the KG receives more applicants than it can house.
The Capital Projects of Baghdikian KG are: Plaster and paint the 350 square meters of fence and Planting trees and shrubs.

Stepanakert KG

Stepanakert KG

2. Hagop Garabed Bilezikian KG in Shushi established in 2001
Total number of children attending the Bilezikian KG is 70.
The Capital Projects of Bilezikian KG are: Asphalt 1,000 sq. meters; Replace Windows; Replace the decaying floors; Landscaping and Replace the old furniture.

3. Askeran KG established in 2003
Total number of children attending the Askeran KG is 70.
The Capital Projects of Askeran KG are: Replace windows; Replace the decaying floors; Landscaping and Replace the old furniture.

 4. Rev. Dr. Movses B. Janbazian KG in Martakert established in 2003
Total number of children attending the Janbazian KG is 70.
The Capital Projects of Janbazian KG are: Central heating system; Asphalt 900 Sq. meters: Install drainage system under the asphalt (60 meters) for better protection; Add 110 meters of edge stones; Renovation of Rooms; Landscaping and Replacing the old furniture.


Meet Gor

Gor is a bright student who attends the Hagop & Lydia Baghdikian Kindergarten in Stepanakert, Artsakh He enjoys painting his favorite fairy-tale heroes and playing with his classmates. On the first day of school it was clear that Gor had never attended school and exhibited a speech delay. Because teachers view each child as an individual, a plan was developed to help Gor reach certain goals along his unique path. With the steady support and collaboration with his parents, teachers at the Kindergarten were able to help Gor flourish from the fragile, nonverbal student into a confident boy who enjoys coming to school every day.

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