Avedisian School Alumna Lusine’s Speech at AMAA Banquet

Avedisian School Alumna Lusine Mnatsakanyan’s Speech at the AMAA’s 100th Annual Meeting Banquet in Boston

Good evening everyone. I am Lusine from Armenia. I am one of the first graduates of Avedisian School, and I currently study at the American University of Armenia. I am very honored to be here today. Thanks for the opportunity to speak about my beloved school.

I have spent my high school years at Avedisian School. Those three years have been full of opportunities, challenges and lifetime memories.

Avedisian School has taught us to be environmentally responsible. To have a greener impact on the environment, we always recycled waste and used water efficiently. We also have solar panels which help us save electricity. More interestingly, we have trash museum, where we exhibit our artworks made from garbage. I was very excited when I found out that we have received a LEED certificate. I had the feeling that whatever we are doing is right and also rewarded. Now, I feel very honored to receive the certificate on behalf of Avedisian family and my school.

Moreover, my school taught me to be kind and responsible. It also helped me act based on Christian values in different stages of my life. I am sure I would not be the same person without Avedisian School.

The impact my school, teachers and principal had on my development is immense. I would not be able to speak English, study at my dream university, reach many goals that, if I did not attend Avedisian School. The knowledge, I got from AHS still helps me at AUA. The values and life lessons will always guide me in my life.

In short, I will always be thankful to my school, teachers, principal, staff, benefactors and founders. I am sure all my classmates and other students will share the same feelings and thoughts about Avedisian School.

Thank you.