Avedisian School Debate Club Students Place First in Armenia

Over the course of two days, May 7-8, the National Debating Tournament semi-finals were held. Such a tournament brought together a total of 26 teams representing the different regions of Armenia. Ultimately, Teams “Etchmiadzin” and “Yerevan 1” (which had two Avedisian School students) progressed to the finals. Yerevan 1 was lead by Team Manager Arevik Khachtryan (who is also the Team Manager of the Avedisian School Debate Club) and featured 9th grade Avedisian School student Lusine Eghiazaryan.


Avedisian School 9th grade student and Gold medal winner, Lusine Eghiazaryan

On May 9th, the final debate between Etchmiadzin and Yerevan 1 took place. The topic for the debate “Current terrorist attacks are the result of the Great Powers’ policies,” elicited great discussion from both sides and contributed to an enthralling debate.  It is with great pleasure we announce that Yerevan 1 took first position in the Tournament.  We are also pleased to write that 9th grader Lusine Yeghiazaryan of the Avedisian School was awarded with a gold medal and a certifficate as the representative of the winning team.


Avedisan School Debate Club Receiving First Place Medals

AMAA would like to congratulate Yerevan 1 for their victory as well as the other teams who took part in the debating tournament.

The Tournament was organized by the Jinishian Memorial Foundation and World Vision Armenia.
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