Boston Orphan & Child Care Gala

AMAA Boston Orphan & Child Care 2022 Gala Raises Funds to Support Children Throughout Armenia and Artsakh

With the success of last year’s AMAA Boston Orphan and Child Care 2021 Gala, young professionals stepped forward wanting to be part of the efforts to support impoverished children throughout Armenia and Artsakh.  They worked tirelessly with Committee members  planning an event and bringing a new dimension to the Gala event.

The setting sun on a crisp September 28th evening provided a glowing backdrop to the Wellesley Country Club in Wellesley, MA as supporters poured through the doors.  John Baboian, jazz guitarist, composer, and Professor at the Berklee School of Music, abandoned his jazz tradition to enhance the atmosphere with classical Armenian melodies to welcome everyone to an evening filled with love for our people.  Rev. Dr. Ron Tovmassian, the newly appointed Field Pastor of the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America, blessed the evening’s attendees and activities with an inspiring invocation remembering all our people struggling in Armenia, Artsakh, Lebanon, and Syria.

Committee Co-Chairs Susan Adamian Covo and Phyllis Dohanian introduced the evening’s emcees, Grace Bottomley of Salem, NH and Arie Orchanian of Lexington, MA.  Ara Sarkissian and Simon Baiatian of Storica Vineyards were introduced and presented wines from Armenia throughout the cocktail reception and dinner.  Mr. Sarkissian’s story included efforts to revive the ancient wine industry in Armenia to provide local jobs in an historic industry. He educated the guests about the various grapes from vines that are over 6,000 years old, some of which were used to make the wines our attendees were fortunate enough to taste.   Many supporters ordered wines as further support to the Orphan and Child Care fundraiser.

Following dinner, Christina Kew and Luke Bottomley relayed their experiences in Armenia last summer visiting some of the families who have been assisted through this program. They heard firsthand what a difference child sponsorship has made in their lives and for their education. Their heartfelt message of their weeks with the desperately poor encouraged those who had not previously sponsored a child to step forward immediately, not missing an opportunity to help the youngest of our children.  Jeanmarie Papelian, a long-time supporter of the AMAA and former Board member, offered her personal experiences working with social workers in Armenia since the time of the 1988 earthquake and meeting so many of the children, now adults, our supporters have previously helped to a new life where they could provide for themselves and their families.

Grace Bottomley enthusiastically encouraged everyone to enjoy the opportunities presented by the silent auction and Armenian wine purchases provided to contribute to the Orphan and Child Care Program.  Enthusiasm for lively bidding on handmade items from Armenia, designer items, event tickets, and sports packages left everyone feeling like not only the children but each one of us was a winner who accepted the opportunity of contributing to a brighter future for our brothers and sisters.

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