Child Sponsorship FAQ

If I Decide to Sponsor…

1. What Types of Sponsorship Programs Are There?
The AMAA offers several ways to sponsor someone.

  • Child Sponsorship in Armenia, Artsakh & Georgia, the child receives cash donated from the sponsor.
  • “Shogh” Day Centers in Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor in Armenia, and Shushi and Askeran in Artsakh, the child participates in one of the AMAA’s Day Centers where they go after-school and are provided with food, fellowship, tutoring and activities.
  • Child Education Sponsorship in Armenia, the child receives support so they may attend the Avedisian School. In Lebanon and Syria, the child receives support to attend one of the Armenian Evangelical Schools.
  • Adopt-A-Granny also offers sponsorship of elderly women via the Adopt-a-Granny program, in which elderly women are provided with food, fellowship and visits from one of our social workers. Recently, the AMAA has added men to this program.

2. What Is The Cost?

  • Child Sponsorship in Armenia, Artsakh & Georgia costs US $300 annually.
    • 100% of Sponsor’s contribution reaches the child’s family directly. All administrative expenses are underwritten by the AMAA. Payment Options: $25 monthly, $75 quarterly, $300 annually
  • “Shogh” Day Centers in Armenia and Artsakh costs US $300 annually

    • 100% of Sponsor’s contribution goes directly to the child’s Day Center Expenses. Additional Special Gifts can also go to the child.
    • Payment Options: $25 monthly, $75 quarterly, $300 annually
  • Child Education Sponsorship in Armenia costs US $300 annually.

    • 100% of Sponsor’s contribution goes directly to the child’s AHS tuition.
  • Child Education Sponsorship in Lebanon and Syria costs $300 annually (note: actual tuition is higher).
    • 100% of Sponsor’s contribution is applied directly to the child’s tuition, which pays approximately 1/5 of the bill per academic year. The balance comes from other sources.
    • Payment Options: $25 monthly, $75 quarterly, $300 annually
  • Adopt-a-Granny Sponsorship costs $250 annually.

3. How Much Of A Sponsor’s Payment Actually Reaches The Child’s Family?
See above. All administrative expenses are underwritten by the AMAA.

4. Can I Pay In Installments?
Yes. You may pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

5. Is My Payment Tax-Deductible?
Yes. Your payments are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

6. Am I Obliged To Continue My Sponsorship Indefinitely?
No. You may terminate your sponsorship at any time simply by notifying the AMAA. However, commitment is appreciated.

7. Can I Choose The Child I Wish To Sponsor?
You can choose an unsponsored child directly from our website under the Sponsorship heading. Otherwise, you may state your preferences (age, gender, etc.), and we will take that into consideration when assigning a child to you. Please keep in mind that the pool of children awaiting sponsorship fluctuates. We will try to match as closely as we can among children available at the time of your request.

8. Do I Get Information About My Sponsored Child?
Yes. You will receive a recent photograph of the child, and information about the circumstances of the child and his/her family.

9. Why Does The AMAA Have A Child Sponsorship Program In Armenia?                               Armenia has struggled heavily. There has been a massive earthquake in 1988 and since independence in 1991, war with Azerbaijan over Artsakh, formerly known as Karabagh, economic blockades, unemployment, inflation, and shortages of electricity and water. The AMAA’s response was prompt and effective to help Armenians survive. This program provides necessities of life and hope to the innocent victims, including the children of Armenia.

10. What Does The Program Provide?
This program provides sponsored children and their families with $75.00 cash every quarter. The money is directly deposited into their personal bank accounts, created by the AMAA, to avoid any mismanagement of the funds. In addition, we provide the following services to the children, if possible.

  • Christmas Gifts: Children participate in Christmas programs and receive gifts.
  • Summer Camps: Children attend Camp during the summer and/or Daily Vacation Bible School.

11. What Is The Success Rate Of The Program?
The program began with just 37 sponsored children from Gyumri. Over the years, as unemployment and inflation impoverished families, more children were put on the sponsorship list. Unfortunately, children are the first and the defenseless victims of crisis. Many children have been sponsored and overcome difficult circumstances, but there are over 60,000 children who still need help.  

12. How Long Does A Child Remain In The Program?
A sponsored child remains in the program until he/she completes high school or is of working age. A removed child is replaced with a new child from the waiting list. Exceptions may be made in special cases, such as a severely handicapped child.

13. Can I Write To My Sponsored Child?
To sponsored children in Armenia and Artsakh, you may write as often as you wish. Send your letters/cards to the AMAA office for forwarding. Our office in Yerevan will translate them into Eastern Armenian and deliver them to your sponsored child’s home.

To sponsored children in Lebanon and Syria, exchange of letters are not allowed, but you will receive an updated picture each year.

14. Can Two Or More Children In A Family Be Sponsored?
In Armenia, only one child per family may be included in the sponsorship program. In this way the benefits of the program can reach more families.

In Lebanon and Syria, multiple children from the same family can be sponsored for Child Education.

15. Who Supports This Program?
Hundreds of donors, churches and other organizations including a major partner organization “Hope for Armenia” (based in France).

16. Can I Visit My Sponsored Child?
If you are traveling to Armenia, the AMAA office in Yerevan will be pleased to facilitate such a visit. We ask that you notify the AMAA headquarters in the United States in advance regarding your travel plans.

In Lebanon and Syria, you will have to contact your child’s school principal to request permission to visit him/her.

17. Who Do I Contact With Any Sponsorship Related Questions?                                        
You may email or call the AMAA Office at (201)265-2607.