Commemorating April 24th and Keeping ‘The Promise’


The mourning is long over;
it is time to celebrate the truth.

Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director/CEO

Two years into the second Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, we gather all around the world to commemorate the memory of the 1.5 million innocent martyrs who perished under the Ottoman sword 102 years ago.

Despite our miraculous survival and jubilant renaissance both in the Homeland and the Diaspora, it is a fact that the perpetrator’s denialist policies and the silence of those others, who claim to be on high moral ground, pains and fetters my soul.

In the agony of the human failures continuously encountered all around the world, and in the disillusion experienced from the human lie of ‘never again’, I searched the Word of God for consolation.

I found my consolation and peace in John, Chapter 8 verses 31 and 32 

“To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, If you hold to my teachings, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

O~, there is no doubt that we should be vigilant in our pursuit of justice.

There is no doubt that we should actively demand widespread recognition of the crime of Genocide.

There is no doubt that we should actively resist all similar atrocities anywhere and anytime.

There is no doubt that we should be alert and responsive to the pain and suffering endured by people all around the globe.

There is no doubt that we should fight hunger, poverty, famine and drought all around.

Our success in the above quest will always be limited and fall short. Our material expectations are doomed to fail at a ratio higher than those realized.

Whatever the outcome of our human attempts bring, our redemption is in the knowledge of the truth.

Our knowledge of the truth will make a mockery of the system of lies and deception floating around us.

The knowledge of the truth will emancipate us from the bondage of fear and anger.

Amid an array of dominant giant media moguls,

the most advanced and destructive arsenal of weapons,

the most powerful armies ever to exist,

and those marveled in the art and science of lies and denials,

I feel indestructibly powerful and free like a soaring eagle with my knowledge of the truth.

The mourning is long over; it is time to celebrate the truth.

The Promise, the First Wide-Release Feature Film about the Armenian Genocide, Opens Across the United States and Canada tomorrow, Friday, April 21!

The Promise

Produced by the legendary Kirk Kerkorian’s Survival Pictures (Eric Esrailian), and directed by Academy Award winner Terry George (Hotel Rwanda, In the Name of the Father), The Promise features an outstanding international cast, including Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, Christian Bale, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Angela Sarafyan, and many more. All proceeds from the film will be donated to non-profit organizations, the first time for a film of this scale. 

Click HERE for additional movie information and ticket info.