Embracing the Future

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

Matthew 15:22

AMAA Embarks on Our Centennial Celebration and Capital Campaign

By Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director/CEO

Doing the simple math, the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) is only two years away from 2018, the Centennial of our founding. For the past two years, we have been diligently planning the Centennial celebrations and our Capital Campaign.

We conducted a feasibility study, absorbed the Consultant’s report, approved a $20M goal, ratified the Campaign menu and embarked on our Centennial Celebration Kick-Offs. They took place at a Banquet in Los Angeles on October 8 honoring AMAA’s Orphan and Child Care Committee, and again at our 97th Annual Meeting Banquet on October 22 in Philadelphia where we honored three distinguished servants of God.

Our Campaign brochure is ready, Honorary Co-Chairs and Committee members have graciously lent their names, our Campaign Committee is set to work hard, and we are on the road to success with $4M Campaign donations and pledges in hand.

Our brochure clears the way with “For almost one hundred years, the AMAA has served the Lord by putting faith into action for our brothers and sisters in need. We have built churches, schools, and camps, we have provided life-giving medical care, created educational opportunities, met the needs of those in want, and done so much more.”

As I evaluate the legacy to which we have pledged our faithfulness in humility and respect, I clearly see the generation anchoring the foundation and building the outstanding legacy which we have so graciously inherited. They experienced, witnessed and survived the greatest atrocity our nation was subjected to in our historical Homeland.

These gallant men and women were not numb to the calamitous destiny of the indigenous masses on our historic Homeland or to the agony and anguish of the surviving orphans and widows in the Syrian Desert and the plains of the Near East. Throbbing hearts and flowing tears gave way to rolled up sleeves. Business insight and hard work paid off fortunes, big and small, and the example of the master illuminated the road to serve. “But I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 22:27

One of those AMAA pillars made serving others the lust of his life heeding the words of the Apostle Paul. “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:4-5. Writing about his interest in the AMAA, this epic American success story, Stephen Philibosian, testifies; “I have always felt that whatever fortune I may have I should share it before I leave this world with those who have been less fortunate.”

And whatever fortune he and many others shared, we are proud of the century behind.

You and I are the children and grandchildren of those survivors. We have prospered; lived in peace and boundless abundance. Today it is our turn to invest in the future of our nation. Today it is our turn to inject hope, care for the needy, shelter the homeless and help the Homeland stride forward and make it strong. It is our turn to perpetuate the spirit of the founders and builders of the AMAA.

The challenges have expanded and so should our readiness to meet them. We need to build and improve churches, camps and schools. We need to unsparingly enhance our educational endowments. We need to chart new territories of service. Deliver vital health care. Anchor the future of the AMAA.
Please check out the Campaign Brochure on our website; http://www.amaa.org. Examine our targeted menu. Take a close look at naming opportunities. Call us with your questions. If need be, we will come to you.

Our Campaign brochure caps, “We have the Lord. We have the call, the responsibility to keep going. We have the legacy, vision, and plan to make a lasting difference in the lives of so many. What we need….IS YOUR SUPPORT. Partner with us in the AMAA Centennial Campaign. TOGETHER, WE’LL EMBRACE THE FUTURE…..and make it brighter.”

The blessed birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is upon us, let us answer the call; is there room in the Inn?

On behalf of the AMAA, I wish you all a very joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Քրիստոս ծնաւ եւ յայտնեցաւ. ձեզի, մեզի Մեծ Աւետիս!
Krisdos dzenav yev haydnetzav, tsezee, mezee Medz Avedis!
(Christ is born and is revealed, good tidings to you and to us).

December 2016

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