Empower Border Village Families in Armenia and Artsakh

The Story of the Isuounts Family

The Isuounts family is among the hundreds of families who were affected by the 2020 44-Day Artsakh War. They lived in Alashkert village, Kovsakan/Zangilan region, in Artsakh.

They moved to their new house before the war. But due to the war, they had to leave their house, gardens and animals. The family decided to settle in Vorotan, in Syunik region, Armenia. It is a border village and it takes much effort to reach the village as the main road is under the Azeri control.

Vanoush Isuounts

Vanoush Isuounts and his wife Tamara have seven children, four boys and three girls. They are:
Senik is in the 9th grade. He loves physics and dreams of becoming a driver.
Arame is in the 8th grade. He loves chemistry and wishes to be an engineer.
Eyner is in the 6th grade, likes to paint and dreams of being a famous painter.
Liana is in the 1st grade. She likes to play outside.
Amanda attends kindergarten and wants to become a policewoman.
Razmik attends kindergarten.
Victoria is the youngest at just 3 years old.

The children miss their friends and school. They especially miss the new house in Artsakh where they lived for only a few days. They left their village during the last days of the war.

The AMAA’s Empower an Artsakh Family Program gave the Isuounts family an opportunity to stand up and start all over again. During the first quarter they purchased a sewing machine and special materials which are used for agricultural purposes to cultivate the harvest especially during mulberry harvest. Now they can sew materials of varied sizes and sell them. During the second quarter, they purchased a barn near their house and hens. Currently they are making some renovations on the barn and want to expand it. They also plan to buy pigs and other farm animals.

Empower an Artsakh Family has been a huge support for this family and many other families from Artsakh.

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