Empowering Armenia’s Remote Border Communities

5260398Responding to the Call to Action by the President of the Republic of Armenia; President of Hayastan all Armenian Fund’s Board of Trustees, Armen Sarkissian, AMAA has pledged to support the campaign to “Empower the Remote Border Communities” with an emergency assistance of $25,000. AMAA’s operations extend to many of these strategically vital remote communities in Armenia who stand steadfast in the border towns and villages developing the land despite impending risks and potential dangers. Your gift will improve the development of border infrastructure, innovate agriculture and support social projects.  Thank you for your support.CallForActionArmenianFund

Dear Compatriots,

The recent escalations of military operations by the Azerbajiani forces on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border once again compel us to unite our efforts and resources to protect and strengthen our Homeland.

Despite being a target of aggressive actions for decades, the residents of the border communities of Armenia stand firm on their land and have become the guardians of our sovereign borders.

The border communities are unequivocally and strategically vital for the security of Armenia and Artsakh. Protecting them strategically, economically and socially is a national priority.

The Hayastan All Armenian Fund has launched a fundraising campaign “Empowering Remote Border Communities.” All proceeds from this global Armenian campaign will go to addressing the most pressing needs of these communities.

I hereby call on all state officials, spiritual leaders, Diaspora political parties, organizations and individuals involved in the Fund’s Board of Trustees to direct their efforts and resources to this campaign using the Fund’s channels and making monetary contributions through the dedicated online fundraising platform on the Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s website http://www.himnadram.org, or bank transfers, as well as contact the Fund’s worldwide affiliates in order to also deliver the collected donations to the Fund through these channels.

The Homeland starts at the border. For years, the Fund has supported these dedicated guardians of our borders through a wide variety of infrastructure development, innovative agricultural and social projects. Today, the brave residents of our border communities need us to stand together as one global Armenian family.

United We Strengthen Our Border Communities.

President of the Republic of Armenia,
President of the Board of Trustees
of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund
Armen Sarkissian

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