Middle East

If I Decide to Sponsor a Child in the Middle East

What will it cost me?
The cost of sponsoring a child in this program is U.S. $300.00 per child, per academic year, which covers part of the actual tuition.

Is my payment tax-deductible?
Yes. All sponsorship payments are fully tax-deductible.

Am I obliged to continue my sponsorship indefinitely?
You may terminate your sponsorship at any time, simply by notifying the AMAA to that effect.

Do I get information about my sponsored child?
Yes. You will receive a recent photograph (except from Syria) and a letter.

Can I sponsor the same child year after year?
Yes. You may continue to sponsor the same child as long as you wish, and as long as the child remains in the program.

Can I Write To My Sponsored Child?
Yes, except for children attending schools in Syria (the Syrian government does not allow the exchange of photographs and letters). Your letters should be sent to the AMAA office; they will be forwarded to the Lebanon & Syria and delivered to your sponsored child at the child’s school.

Will I get letters from my sponsored child?
Each sponsored child (except in Syria) is urged to write to his or her sponsor once a year. Letters are collected at each child’s school, and sent to AMAA’s office in the United States for delivery to the sponsors.

Can I Send Gifts To My Sponsored Child?
No. We discourage such gifts in the interest of perceived fairness by the children, because some would receive gifts and others would not. Since contact with the children is through the schools, such disparities would become immediately apparent.

What Happens When My Sponsored Child Leaves The Program?
Every sponsored child grows up and eventually leaves the program, to be replaced by another child needing a sponsor. When your sponsored child leaves the program, another child will be assigned to you, and your sponsorship will continue without interruption. You may, of course, discontinue your sponsorship at any time by notifying the AMAA office to that effect.

Where Should Contributions Be Sent?
Contributing sponsors should make their tax-deductible checks payable toARMENIAN MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC. (or AMAA), for “Child Education Sponsorship Program in Lebanon/Syria.” The checks should be mailed to: AMAA, 31 West Century Road, Paramus, NJ 07652


Why Does The AMAA Have A Child Education Sponsorship Program In Lebanon & Syria?
The purpose of the program is to make it possible for underprivileged Armenian children to acquire a meaningful primary and secondary education in a Christian environment.

Why Don’t The Children Attend Public Schools?
In most of the Middle East, public schools are substandard and often geared to Islamic values. The only academically acceptable schools are private ones, and such schools are supported primarily by tuition fees.

How Does The Program Operate?
Each sponsored child is assured of a place in the classroom. A sponsor’s donation represents approximately one fifth of a child’s tuition for an academic year. The balance of the child’s tuition comes from other sources.

How Many Schools Are In This Program? How Many Children?
There are 8 schools in this program: six in Lebanon (one of them a boarding school), two in Syria. Currently there are about 845 sponsored children in these schools. Since the program’s inception in 1946, more than 36,000 children have been helped.

How Long Does A Child Remain In The Program?
As long as a child has a sponsor, that child remains in the program until he or she completes secondary school.

How Much of a Sponsor’s payment is Applied to the Child’s Tuition?
A sponsor’s entire contribution is applied to the tuition of a sponsored child.

Why Is This Program Important?
In the Middle East, an acceptable education, as a rule, is available only in private schools which, of necessity, charge tuition. Because the AMAA considers it unacceptable for an Armenian child to be denied a proper education because of poverty, it set up this program to provide educational opportunities for underprivileged children who might otherwise be deprived of a basic education. This is the only Armenian Sponsorship Program in the Middle East to 1) identify underprivileged Armenian children at risk of missing out on an education, 2) find sponsors for such children and 3) guarantee an education for sponsored children.

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