Forever in Our Memory – Hrant Dink

“Each year the Hrant Dink Foundation prepares an Agenda on a particular topic. The theme for 2018 is ‘Memory’.”

January 19th is the (11th) anniversary of a failed attempt to erase memory.

Dark forces planned the placement of a gun in the hands of a hired assassin with the aim and hope of erasing memory.
Hrant Dink arose as the voice of memory.
For stimulating memory, Hrant Dink sacrificed his life.
Memory has no address nor physical existence.
Memory cannot be erased.
On the occasion of this tragic anniversary, we salute the Hrant Dink Foundation.

A voice for peace, human values, dialogue and enlightenment, the Foundation embraces the collective, inexpungible, and enduring memory of history.

We invite you to read Hrant Dink Foundation’s introduction of its 2018 Agenda titled ‘Memory’

You will hear his voice and realize Hrant Dink lives in you.



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