Groundbreaking Fundraising Drive

The Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California Committee had 18 volunteers and 3 staff members at 5 locations including St. Leon Armenian Cathedral, St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church, Armenian Cilicia Evangelical Church of Pasadena, St. Gregory Armenian Catholic Cathedral’s Annual Picnic, and SDHP’s Armenian Independence Day Festival. They distributed hundreds of brochures and donation envelopes to community members.

The Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The governance of the Museum is entrusted to ten Armenian American cultural, philanthropic, and religious non-profit institutions including the Armenian Missionary Association of America and the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America.

Find them at the ARS Festival and AGBU Festival on Saturday, September 29. Keep a look out for their booth at churches, events, schools and stores through the end of October to raise awareness in the community. Soon they will be launching TV commercials, newspaper ads, and social media ads to support the effort as well!Armenian American Museum’s Mobile Giving number is active and working on most mobile service providers in California.

Donate $10 today by texting MUSEUM to the number 20222 or make a donation at: