Happy 30th Anniversary Republic Of Armenia

On September 21, 2021 the Republic of Armenia celebrates the 30th anniversary of its independence. The most somber one in the history of the young republic.. The shadow of the 2020 Artsakh war and its horrific consequences lay heavy on Armenians, both in the Homeland and the Diaspora. Division runs deep and the public discourse is ugly. Some are sunk deep into depression and stuck there in a state of paralysis.

Independence is a God given gift and blessing. Independence is our identity. Independence restored centuries of lost statehood to the nation. It is our collective duty to be worthy of and grateful for it.
The call is yours and mine. Thousands of our best, heroically fought and sacrificed their lives defending the motherland. They will not rest if a sense of perpetual gloom and doom suffocates what was saved. 

Zaven Khanjian,
Executive Director/CEO, Armenian Missionary Association of America

Today is a day to reckon our gift, be thankful for it and vow to mobilize our collective potential to love, nurture, heal and ingeniously develop the land in perpetuity.

AMAA salutes the ancestral land and its people, fervently continues its God pleasing mission in the Homeland and has raised it to new levels. 

Come hold my hand, stand up, bow to the heroes and heroines, revere their memory and heartily renew the vow to lovingly rebuild and reconstruct while we fervently and joyfully proclaim,