“Hayrig” (Daddy) – Rev. Aharon Shirajian

Evangelical Church of Armenia’s HAYASA theatrical group presents the play “Hayrig” (Daddy) Depicting the Life of Rev. Aharon Shirajian, a savior of Armenian Orphans

The final event of the Armenian Evangelical Church’s 175th Anniversary celebration in Armenia was held on Thursday, July 7, 2022, as the Evangelical Church of Armenia’s “Hayasa” theatrical group presented the play “Hayrig” at the Theater of the Young Spectator. The actors, ranging in age from very young to adult, presented scenes from Rev. Aharon Shirajian’s life in Aleppo during the years of the Armenian Genocide. At that time, Rev. Shirajian was known to many as “Hayrig” (Daddy), a savior of Armenian orphans, head of the “Aleppo House of Blessing,” and the epitome of the mercy of Jesus Christ.

Script Writer and Director Nuné Abrahamyan presented the humanitarian work of Rev. Shirajian, who saved the lives of over 15,000 orphans. Also included in her script was the selfless service of Dr. Asadour Altounian of Aleppo. The unending threats of the Turks, the hopes and sorrows of the orphans, and the deep Christian convictions of Rev. Shirajian were all depicted on stage.

The play also included video portions from Rev. Shirajian’s actual living descendants (his daughter Aranoush and granddaughter Joy). Also present in the audience was his grandson John Shirajian, who with his wife’s assistance, shared his personal memories and sentiments. AMAA’s Executive Director/CEO Zaven Khanjian, an Aleppo-Armenian, expressed his emotion-filled appreciation and challenged the young people in the audience to continue serving in Rev. Shirajian’s Christlike, dedicated manner, for the betterment of the Armenian nation.