Hilmar Kaiser, German Historian Specializing in Genocide: Humanitarian Resistance to the Genocide

Hilmar Kaiser of Yerevan State University, Institute for Armenian Studies, holds a Ph.D from the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. In 1991 he was one of the first two Western historians on the Armenian Genocide to start Research in the Ottoman archives for his work. In his studies he focuses on the Armenian Genocide with special reference to the German Role, Ottoman perpetrators, the implementation of the atrocities and in particular to resistance.

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Friday, September 6, 2019
Armenian Presbyterian Church
140 Forest Ave. Paramus, NJ
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In 2001, Hilmar Kaiser published a ground breaking study for the first time highlighting the role of Armenians in the humanitarian resistance in Syria. In a seminal mono-graphic study on the Diarbekir region he showed how provincial authorities played a dynamic role in shaping the crime. He contributed for the Oxford Handbook of Genocide Studies the entry on the Armenian Genocide. Most recently, he analyzed Ottoman policies in the provinces of Van and Erzerum and the decision for genocide.

His numerous publications include “The Baghdad Railway and the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1916. A Case Study in German Resistance and Complicity” (1998); “Le génocide arménien: négation ‘à l’allemande’“ (1999); “Migration, Deportation, and Nation-Building: The Case of the Ottoman Empire” (with F. Adanir, 2000); At the Crossroad of Der Zor. Death, Survival, and Humanitarian Resistance in Aleppo, 1915-1917 (2001); “Dall’impero alla repubblica: le continuità del negazionismo turco” (2001); “Armenian Property, Ottoman Law and Nationality Policies During the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1916” (2005); “Armenians and Missionaries in Times of Crisis: Marsovan 1915” (2008); “Genocide at the Twilight of the Ottoman Empire” (2010); “Regional Resistance to Central Government Policies: Ahmed Djemal Pasha, the Governors of Aleppo and Armenian Deportees in the Spring and Summer of 1915” (2010); The Extermination of Armenians in the Diarbekir Region (2014); “Shukru Bey and the Armenian deportations in the fall of 1915” (2016); “Humanitärer Widerstand gegen den Genozid an den Armeniern in Aleppo” (2017); “Financing the Ruling Party and Its Militants in Wartime. The Armenian Genocide and the Kemah Massacres of 1915” (2019); “Requiem for a Thug: Aintabli Abdulkadir and the Special Organization” (2019); “Tahsin Uzer: The CUP’s Man in the East” (2019); “Scenes from Angora, 1915: The Commander, the Bureaucrats and Muslim Notables during the Armenian Genocide” (2019).

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