How AMAA Is Helping Armenia Through COVID-19

The Situation in Armenia

ArmeniaFaceMaskThis small country of 3 Million reported its first COVID-19 patient on March 1, 2020. The government closed its border with Iran and gradually restricted access from high infection countries. On March 16, 2020 the government declared a state of emergency.

As of April 25, there have been a total of 1,677 cases of COVID-19 in Armenia with 28 deaths and 803 recoveries. An average of 73 new daily cases have been recorded. This has signaled a slight slowdown in growth but due to the widespread cases, the government issued an extension on the lock down until May 14, 2020.

All educational institutions, stores and other businesses are closed with the exception of essential services. People are fined for leaving their homes without proper documentation.

AMAA Armenia is providing food assistance to:

  • The 79 elderly in its “Adopt-A-Granny” program
  • The 50 elderly beneficiaries of AMAA’s Soup Kitchen program in the northern town of Stepanavan
  • The near 400 families whose children attend the AMAA educational programs

Economic Impact

Financial AssistanceEconomic indicators have not been reported for the period covering the lock down period. Yet, some reports estimate an unemployment rate of 40% to 50%.

The government is offering economic assistance to those who lost their jobs. It has created 12 social assistance packages that include financial compensations, markdown on utility costs, postponement of due payments (Many these aid packages to be insufficient to meet the need). Yet there are many “hand-to-mouth” workers who earn daily wages at odd jobs. These people do not qualify for any government assistance.

AMAA Armenia Response

AMAA continues to fund 100% of its operations in Armenia and Artsakh, retains 100% of it nearly 500 employees who in turn have adopted a policy of helping a neighbor in need. AMAA Armenia has close to 2,500 beneficiaries who regularly receive financial, material and educational services.

On April 6, 2020, AMAA Armenia established a process of accepting and processing assistance requests from individuals suffering from the COVID-19 economic fallout who do not qualify for government assistance. Qualifying applications will receive financial assistance.

A few days later we started receiving assistance requests from our 2,500 regular beneficiaries, Evangelical Church of Armenia members and various government of Armenia ministries and agencies. By April 14, 2020, we had received close to 100 requests. By the end of April, we expect to receive over 500 applications.

Among other pandemic requests, AMAA has contributed funds to the Ministry of Health in Armenia through the Armenia Fund, Inc. to purchase urgently needed, certified and approved, masks, goggles and full hazmat coveralls for personal protective equipment.


AMAA COVID Response Fund

A ‘COVID Response Fund’ has been established and we are asking for you to share your blessings and extend any financial support at this critical time.

Thank you to our donors who have helped us raise $40,385 up to date!

We still have about $60,000 more to raise to reach the initial goal of $100,000! Will you help us help those affected by COVID-19 throughout the world?

Your gift will be designated to help alleviate the financial hardships caused by the outbreak, acquisition of medical supplies, food distribution, access to health and social support services and other unforeseen consequences the outbreak may cause.

We have reached our initial goal of $100,000! The needs are wide range and immense and our appeal is open ended. AMAA is on a long term mission to help our communities throughout the world. Please consider helping us continue to reach out to all affected by COVID-19 anywhere and our troubled communities in the Near East. Thank you for your generosity!


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