Humanitarian and Relief Aid

From the crises in Syria and Lebanon to the situation in Artsakh, AMAA has been raising funds, developing programs, and serving communities, families, individuals, and children who suffer from natural or man-made calamities using Christ’s example.

1. Armenia & Artsakh Relief

Medical/Dental Programs
Sponsorship Programs
AMAA’s Post-War Humanitarian Projects for Artsakh
Christmas and Easter Programs
Armenian Children’s Milk Fund
Stitched with Love
Assistance to Syrian Armenians in Armenia
Aid to Families of Martyred Soldiers
Armenia Medical Mission

2. Syria Relief

Medical/Dental Services
Aleppo Old Age Home
Center for the Blind
Arevig Handicapped Children Center
Home renovations
Administrative support
AMAA Rental subsidy
Business Start Up Training

3. Lebanon

Armenian Evangelical Social Service Center
Center for Armenian Handicapped in Lebanon
Assistance to refugees in Lebanon
Assistance to the blind
Armenian National Sanatorium of Lebanon in Azounieh
Administrative support

4. Iraq

Relief aid to the community in Baghdad

5. Canada

Assistance to Syrian refugees in Canada