Introducing DonorShops!

Over the last several years, the AMAA has taken great strides to increase our transparency and accountability to you, the donors of this organization.  We have now taken an additional step in this process, and we are excited to introduce you to it.  Our new database, DonorShops, will help donors and supporters of the AMAA to do the following:
  • Review their giving history
  • Select child or granny for sponsorship
  • Review any purchases made
  • Learn more about the Childcare and sponsorship programs the AMAA administers.


We invite you to log-on and see all that DonorShops has to offer.  Each donor with an email on file with the AMAA has already been set-up with an account.  You can access your account as follows:
  1. Visit the website at:
  2. Click the “Login” button in the top left corner
  3. Under the “Forgot Your Password?” section, enter your email
  4. An email with you new password will be sent to your email address on file
If you don’t have your email on file, have questions, or need any help, please contact AMAA sponsorship Manager, Lucy Rastguelenian at 201.265.2607 or via email at
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