Invest in the Future!

Invest in Armenian Children


The Child Education Program helps subsidize the education of children in the Middle East.  Many of these families struggle to make ends meet and cannot afford to pay the full tuition for their child’s education. By sponsoring a student you can help make their education possible.

sponsorachild.jpgThe Child Sponsorship Program in Armenia and Artsakh helps meet the necessities of life and gives hope to Armenia and Artsakh’s adorable children by providing basic needs.

You are invited to participate in one or both of these life-changing programs.  Be assured, your generous spirit of love will bear great fruit!

You can help change a life and inject hope for a better future, by investing a small portion of your resources with our little brothers and sisters. Sponsorship of one child in Armenia, Artsakh or the Middle East is $300 annually of $25 per month.
Download Child Sponsorship Brochure