KCHAG Lebanon: Enjoying Our Beautiful Campsite

Summer 2016

KCHAG is a haven not far from Beirut where people can escape from the rush of daily life, within minutes from the capital, and rest in a calming nature and a Christian atmosphere.


Manoogneroo Hamakoumar (CE Children’s Camp)

2We thank God that throughout the last year, KCHAG hosted more than thirty groups for worship services, private prayer sessions, seminars, conferences, church outings, and trainings, including some from the Armenian Apostolic Church. This summer KCHAG has hosted young and old people who participated in children’s, juniors’, young adults’ and women’s camps from the various Armenian Evangelical Churches in Lebanon, and the numbers will include some participants from Syria as well.


BADANIATZ Annual Hamakoumar (Juniors’ Camp)

The participants of the Armenian Evangelical camps are usually subsidized and we are in constant need to fundraise so that no child or youth may be left out from this God-pleasing summer activity, and the AMAA continues to be a major source of support for our projects.

The larger and long-term needs will be for a fence all around, for a new seminar room, and for the renovation of the entrance building. There are many challenges to make KCHAG a better-equipped place through improvements and yearly renovations.

Dignantz (Ladies) Conference

KCHAG is still run with the help of many volunteers, and a few part-time employees and committee members.  The support of our worldwide community and friends has been a major encouragement.

Assistance is needed to continue making KCHAG a more equipped, attractive and comfortable camp site. We thank God for a beautiful and peaceful haven where people have been learning more about God, committing their lives to Christ, learning to work in teams, and experience the warmth of Christian fellowship in the midst of wars and tribulations. This has been the case since 1948, it is true today, and we pray that it may continue for many more generations.


“KCHAG” is an acronym which, in Armenian, stands for 
Krisdonyagan CHanitz Amarnayin Getron (Christian Endeavor Summer Center).  
This name represents a camp experience, run by the UAECNE which has left an indelible mark on the lives of many Armenians.

Please continue to support this wonderful ministry.  This summer a new car has been purchased to facilitate tasks, new outdoor benches and the Chapel has been air-conditioned!