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Instability has been the course of the Middle East’s modern history and by all accounts will remain so for the foreseeable future. Daily news reports illustrate harrowing days of unease throughout the region; rockets falling on the streets of Aleppo; increasing layoffs, hundreds of businesses closing, inflation, liquidity crunch are just some of the escalating effects of the economic crisis in Lebanon; missile strikes and demonstrations in Iran and Iraq. These and other ongoing tensions and prolonged conflict have increased pressures and daily struggles for regular citizens.

In the midst of this unrest, the AMAA remains a constant and will not forsake our brothers and sisters who live in the countries we serve -Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. AMAA will respond to the emergency appeal for support by the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE) and needs your help in bringing stability to our communities and people most affected.

Yes, times are challenging but these challenges must not overwhelm any hope or solution that could be found. When you make a donation to the AMAA earmarked for Near East Relief, your gift will be put to use across the following areas:

Nurture: In an environment racked with conflict and violence, the effects on childhood are evident. Every child deserves stability. Your contribution supports social and cultural programs that help nurture the children and provide a sense of normalcy.

Education: The basic right to education is not only a cornerstone of AMAA’s mission but a means to long-term development of a community. Armenian Evangelical Schools in Lebanon and Syria have been struggling to operate. Provide a parent with the peace of mind that their child will continue receiving a quality education –make a donation today!

Assistance: All gifts will help uplift an individual or family who has an urgent need but not the financial means. In Lebanon and Syria, the cost of living has made a significant jump, a 30-50% increase in the cost of groceries in the last four months. Your donation could provide vital items such as food, water, blankets, clothing, and rent or business assistance.

Repatriation: AMAA is committed to keeping a LifeLine open for any individual or family who wishes to relocate to the Homeland to rebuild and restore their lives.

Encouragement: A difficult road lies ahead. Your gift is a catalyst of serving the vulnerable and upholding positive change.

Access: In times of crisis, access to healthcare is vital. You donation will help ensure medical and dental clinics remain open and provide much-needed patient support and access to medication.

Spirituality: There is no place in which God is not present. Working with churches in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, AMAA provides resources to witness the love of Christ, help their vital ministry continue and support local communities.

Tuition: Haigazian University remains a beacon of hope for the future of Lebanon. Support students striving to complete their higher higher education and are working hard, despite interruptions and economic pressures.

Help AMAA focus on the next chapter with a clear vision. Tomorrow will certainly bring new opportunities and fresh challenges. Your support will help us be ready to answer the call!


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