Near East Crisis Deepens

Dear Friends,

It does not have to be August 4 for Lebanon to suffer.

Approaching a year and a half, Lebanon continues to face a sorrowful situation and deepening economic and financial crisis. According to the World Bank, this situation is dire and could rank among the world’s three worst crises since the mid-1800s: “the economic crisis has had by far the largest (and most persistent) negative impact. Lebanon is enduring a severe, prolonged economic depression: real GDP growth contracted by 20.3% in 2020 and inflation reaching triple digits, while the exchange rate keeps losing value. Poverty is rising sharply.” (source:

What will a collapse mean and what shape will it take are questions that exasperate our most fearful

With no end in sight and months of suffering, individuals, families, schools and businesses are struggling to survive as days are consumed with finding medicine, fuel and other basic goods which are in short supply and nearly impossible to find, along with daily power outages which last for hours.

The AMAA’s emergency response in 2020 continues to work wonders today in collaboration with the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, as well as the respective Education Boards and Social Action Committees in Beirut and Aleppo.

The Diaspora and the Homeland need to be creative and preplan means, ways and methods to salvage
the most dreadful situation. Take Action Today! Your donation will be quickly turned into relief and
pave the path for survival as conditions continue to worsen.


Zaven Khanjian

A small country, roughly 2/3 the size of Connecticut, Lebanon’s future remains in peril. A gateway to neighboring Syria, Lebanon is not only a crucial trading partner and an important source for humanitarian aid, but a beacon of education. Activity between these two countries has been limited by sanctions which tend to the economic and political fragility of the region. Newspaper headlines forecast structural systems (on numerous planes), are on the verge of collapsing -fuel and water shortages, power outages, lack of access to critically needed medicine, and the list continues…

AMAA continues to answer the call, but only with YOUR help! The impact of funds received will provide, actual and not just symbolic, relief, spiritual nourishment, educational support, physical sustenance, health care, social and cultural programs and provisions.

As the crisis deepens in the Near East, AMAA continues its support by:
  • Home renovations
  • Rent payment assistance
  • Water bill assistance
  • Food distribution
  • Formula and diaper distribution for infants and toddlers
  • Baby clothing and quality baby furniture distribution
  • Fresh cooked meals program
  • Bread packages provided by local bakery
  • Psychotherapy to individuals who are experiencing post
  • traumatic stress disorders
  • Home-care hygiene program focused on the elderly who are bedridden
  • Medical support for all in need: hospitalization with emergency or procedural surgeries; diagnostic tests; COVID-19 related lifesaving medical support
  • Children and teen social programs
  • Daily Vacation Bible Schools
  • AMAA Life-Line remains in place for any individual(s) or families seeking to relocate and restart in the Homeland
  • Special support for Union schools and Haigazian University to alleviate ongoing effects of non-payment of tuition
  • Emergency relief bonuses to help supplement teachers’ salaries

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Matthew 25:40

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