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Armenia, Mon Amour: Ten Europeans Speak

Svante Lundgren & Serafim Seppälä (Eds.)

Ten non-Armenian friends of Armenia describe their love for this country. In perceptive, moving and funny essays they describe dramatic events, lasting friendships, political struggles. We here about lavash and brandy, genocide and revival, Yerevan and small mountain villages in Armenia and Artsakh.

Product ID: 409 (Paperback) – Price $30.00


Armenian Ethnic Identity in Context: Empirical and Psychosocial Perspective

A collection of works by Hagop Der-Karabetian

Product ID: 404CO-HU – Price $20.00
One copy per household
All proceeds will go to Haigazian University

The Recipes of Musa Dagh

By Alberta, Anna and Louisa Magzanian

An Armenian Cookbook in a Dialect of its Own – The recipes of Victoria Chaparian Magzanian. The Magzanian sisters have teamed up to produce this wonderful cookbook, preserving the distinct cooking of Musa Dagh, and with it, many of the stories of village and mountain where they lived.

Product ID: 364CO (PB, 134p.) – Price $19.50

The Hymnal Hokevor Yerkaran

In English & Armenian

The Hymnal (Hokevor Yerkaran), published by the Armenian Heritage Committee of Royal Oak, Michigan, (August of 2014), represents the culmination of 22 years of tireless and selfless labor by its two editors, the brother-sister team of Hrant Agbabian and Lucina Agbabian Hubbard. Lifelong members of the Armenian Evangelical Community and the children of Rev. Siragan Agbabian, each brought their significant musical talents to bear on a task that neither anticipated would last the better part of a quarter century. Hrant was for decades choir conductor at the largest Armenian Evangelical Church in the US; Lucina has for many years been teaching Armenian music history at USC. Working with them were a number of distinguished clergy and laymen from both within and without the Evangelical tradition.

Product ID: 353/Hymnbook – Price $30.00

Այս Տունը Քո՞ւկդ է Թէ Իմս – “Is This House Yours or Mine?” – (In Armenian)

By Զաւէն Խանճեան – Zaven Khanjian

An Armenian Cookbook in a Dialect of “Is This House Yours or Mine?” Այս Տունը Քո՞ւկդ է Թէ Իմս – Pages from Diary of the Author’s pilgrimage to Western Armenia, Cilicia and Constantinople. Ուխտագնացութիւն դէպի Արեւմտեան Հայաստան, Կիլիկիա եւ Կոստանդնուպոլիս – Հեղինակին Օրագրութեան էջերէն առնուած։

Product ID: 352/Book – Price $35.00

Հալէպ Առաջին Կայարան – Մանկութիւն ունեցող տղու մը յուշերը – “ALEPPO FIRST STATION” – Childhood memoirs of a happy teenager in Aleppo, Syria (In Armenian)

By Զաւէն Խանճեան – Zaven Khanjian

“HALEB Arachin Gayaran” Հալէպ Առաջին Կայարան is the story of a young boy who lived and tremendously enjoyed his childhood in HALEB. It shares the vibrant upbringing, happy and amazing childhood stories, and beautiful memories of growing up. It’s the story of the author’s neighborhood, school, church, neighbors, teachers, classmates, the markets shopped at, bookstores visited, libraries that illuminated a generation, eateries frequented, leaders encountered, places visited, people met and people loved.

Product ID: 351/Book – Price $30.00

Showers of Grace

By Arousiag Tovmassian Missirlian

A Memoir of God’s Abundant Blessing Throughout a Lifetime of Christian Service, is a beautifully written book about the rich life of Arousiag Tovmassian Missirlian. Beloved wife of two pastors, Rev. Edward Tovmassian who passed away in 1986, and Rev. Harry Missirlian, who passed away in 2007.

Product ID: 346/Book – Price $20.00

Musa Dagh Girl

By Virginia Matosian Apelian

Daughter of Armenian Genocide Survivors, the author tells of her loving upbringing against a dark historical background.

Product ID: 501CO/Book – Price $30.00

Challenges and Responses

By Rev. Dr. Vahan H. Tootikian

This book presents examples of challenges and responses in three parts: 1. Observances and Observations; 2. Views on Issues; 3. As I See It.

Product ID: 339/Book – Price $20.00

The Thirsty Enemy, A Memoir

By Rev. Dr. John Markarian

The book, a memoir, tells Markarian’s story of being the founding president of Haigazian University in Beirut, Lebanon, and of his and his wife’s adventure of living in Lebanon and caring for thousands of refugees during seven years of war.

Product ID: 335/Book – Price 15.00

An Olive Branch from Lebanon

By Hosanna Allen

The story of a young woman’s journey of faith as she comes to know the Lord’s abundant love.

Product ID: 291/Book – Price 12.00

Armenia: Portraits of Survival

By Jerry Berndt

Photographs by Jerry Berndt, Introduction by Donald E. Miller. Photo essay documenting the aftermath of the American earthquake in 1988, refugees from Azerbaijan who fled Sumgait and Baku in 1988 and 1990 when pogroms occurred against Armenians in response to Negorno-Karabakh’s claims for independence; residents of Yerevan who endured a winter with virtually no heat or electricity because of the blockade; and citizens of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, the Armenian enclave in Azerbaijan, who were involved in a military struggle for their survival. Most pages have a quotation at the bottom taken from more than 250 interviews done by the research team. [From Introduction] “The goal of this photo essay is to heighten awareness of the needs of the people in Armenia. Regardless of one’s personal opinion of the war with Azerbaijan, the civilian population continues to suffer enormously . . . ‘

Product ID: 240/Book – Price Only pay S&H fee of $5.00

Armenian Needle Lace and Embroidery

By Alice Odian Kasparian

A photographic collection of more than 100 priceless specimens (a third in color), plus step by step instructions for making two dozen easy needle lace patterns and diagrams for sophisticated Marash embroidery.

Product ID: 120/Book – Price 5.00

Claws of the Crab: Georgia & Armenia in Crisis

By Stephen Brook

A report from the front line in Georgia as civil war erupts throughout the former Soviet Union. Posing as a foreign correspondent, the author travels through the Caucasus, surveying the blockade of Azerbaijan, the turmoil in Armenia and the plight of civilized people desperate to halt the chaos..

Product ID: 237/Book – Price 25.00

Conversations with Contemporary Armenian Artists

By Jackie Abramian

Contains the first collection of interviews with 20 Contemporary Armenian artists.  The collection reveals the inner thoughts of today’s creative Armenian minds.

Product ID: 258/Book – Price 7.00

Don’t Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees

By Thomas Hale

The adventures of an American surgeon in Nepal.

Product ID: 257/Book – Price 10.00


By Rev. Dr. Vahan Tootikian

Drawing from current events, the author shows how the human dilemma remains much the same as ancient times.

Product ID: 173/Book – Price 10.00

Money and Woman’s Self-Esteem

By Pepronia Merjanian, Ph.D.

Provides a Christian perspective on how various perceptions of money affect people’s lives.

Product ID: 211/Book – Price 16.00

Rev. Movses B. Janbazian: Man of Vision with a Mission

Compilations by Rev. Dr. Movses Janbazian’s sermons & essays

Insights into  the life, works, and constant dedication of Rev. Dr. Janbazian.

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The Golden Age

By A.A. Bedikian

Treatises of the great literary figures of the Armenian Golden Age of the 5th Century.

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Haigazian Armenological Review 1998

By Haigazian University, Beirut

Product ID: 67M/Book – Price $20.00

Haigazian Armenological Review 1999

By Haigazian University, Beirut

Product ID: 67N/Book – Price $20.00

Haigazian Armenological Review 2001

By Haigazian University, Beirut

Product ID: 67O/Book – Price $20.00