Salutes His Great Legacy  By Elise Kalfayan  The Armenian Missionary Association of American (AMAA) mourns the passing of Dr. Richard G. Hovannisian, preeminent Armenian History scholar, author of the definitive history of the First Republic of Armenia, past long-time chair of the UCLA Modern Armenian Studies Program, and one of the founders of the Society for Armenian Studies. Dr. Hovannisian personally inspired many leaders of the AMAA. He generously shared his knowledge… Read More

AMAA Artsakh Celebrates KG Graduations   AMAA’s kindergartens in Artsakh are where thousands of children begin their education and receive a solid foundation for their lives. The kindergartens equip Artsakh children with an Armenian education, right value system, linguistic thinking, and the ability to appreciate the environment. Despite the continuing humanitarian crisis, epidemic, war, and blockade, the AMAA’s kindergartens in Martakert, Stepanakert, and Askeran in Artsakh managed to stay fully operational, defying… Read More

Blockade Can’t Stop Youth Camp in Artsakh By Viktor Karapetyan, AMAA Representative in Artsakh Artsakh… Blockade… It seems that today all we think about are the many problems we have in the Motherland.  However, the mission for the youth in Artsakh is to revive the Motherland. Since 2022, the Armenian Missionary Association of America has implemented the Soar (Trichk) Development Program for the youth in five villages of Artsakh: Kolatak, Tbighu, Herher,… Read More

A Message by Pastor Aram Babajanyan, Minister of the Evangelical Church of Armenia in Gyumri This year, Armenian Evangelical family worldwide is celebrating the 177th anniversary of the Armenian Evangelical Church. Through this celebration, we praise Lord for the past 177 years, for establishing and using this church and this community as an instrument for His ministry. We remember all the works and miracles that Lord revealed through this church. We remember… Read More

In a quickly changing world, rare is the occasion where a child is left to unwind and unplug. Summer Camp is a place of refuge for children to be outdoors, play, and disconnect from their usual surroundings. AMAA Summer Camps expand opportunities for campers to learn, grow and thrive through interactive activities and participation in sports, art and music activities, and spiritual reflection. Led by counselors who become role models and mentors,… Read More

Hand in hand, hope and tribulation, to various degrees, continue to occupy an organic day in the countries that AMAA’s present calendar serves. Some are natural turbulences that are an integral part of life anywhere. Others are of alarming proportion, man-made, with the highest degree of premeditated wickedness intended to cause pain and suffering, a prelude to commit ethnic cleansing. This issue covers stories that identify realities that belong to each category…. Read More

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