WORLD-WIDE PRESS RELEASE UNITED NATIONS QUESTION TURKEY ON THE FATE AND WHEREABOUTS OF FORCIBLY DEPORTED ARMENIANS IN 1915-1923 Guided by pan-Armenian interests on behalf of our respective organizations and institutions we welcome the joint action of the United Nations (UN) Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances, the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and the UN Special Rapporteur on the… Read More

The Thirty-Year Genocide, Turkey’s Destruction of its Christian Minorities 1894-1924 By Benny Morris and Dror Ze’evi. 656 pages, Harvard University Press Published April 24, 2019 A Non-Review by Gilbert Bilezikian, Th.D., Professor Emeritus, Wheaton College We Armenians have reached a point in the history of our nation when the survivors of our Genocide, our parents and grandparents, have left us for their eternal destiny, taking with them their sufferings, their sorrows and… Read More

The 2019 Commencement Ceremony of the AMAA’s Khoren and Shooshanig Avedisian School in Yerevan was very emotional. On June 13, teachers, parents, upper grade students, representatives of the AMAA and the Evangelical Church of Armenia, founders of the School, members of the School Board, overseas guests, and representatives of various local and international organizations came together to bid farewell to the School’s 31 graduates. Principal Melanya Geghamyan greeted the guests and expressed… Read More

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received AMAA Executive Director/CEO Zaven Khanjian on June 14. The newly appointed Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan also participated in the meeting. The Prime Minister highly appreciated the mission and service of the Association in the United States and Armenia. Mr. Pashinyan expressed hope that the programs of the AMAA will continue to expand and develop in Armenia. Mr. Khanjian noted that the Association intends to give… Read More

On June 14, Anna Hakobyan, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of “My Step” and “City of Smile” received AMAA Executive Director/CEO Zaven Khanjian, his wife Sona Khanjian, and AMAA Armenia Representative Harout Nercessian. During the meeting Mr. Khanjian spoke about his recent meetings in Armenia and his impressions of these meetings. The group touched upon the role of the media and the fight against counterfeiting. In that context, Mr. Nercessian stressed… Read More

…You are the light of the world…..Let your light shine in front of people.
Then they will see the good that you do and praise you Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:13-16
Remember Burt Lancaster?
The boys of my generation should.
Burt Lancaster was our early childhood Hero on screen. ‘The Crimson Pirate,’ ‘From Here to Eternity,’ ‘Trapeze.’
We had no TV, no laptops, no iPads, no livestreaming on gadgets. The big screen was the only media where we scrambled to see the Lancaster movies as often as they were shown. And we loved it in the wilderness of our childhood minds. And then… ‘when I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.’