On Friday, April 30, 2021, the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs in Armenia, Zareh Sinanyan, visited the AMAA’s headquarters in Paramus, NJ. AMAA Executive Director/CEO, Zaven Khanjian, gave Mr. Sinanyan a tour of the building and introduced AMAA’s Vice President and Treasurer, Dr. Nurhan Helvacian and Board Members, John Cherkezian, Berjouhy Gulesserian and Dr. Michael Voskian. The meeting started with a prayer, followed by discussions about post-war status in Armenia and Artsakh,… Read More

The Armenian Missionary Association of America welcomes President Biden’s statement recognizing the Armenian Genocide. God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed. Ecclesiastes 3:17 Marking the 106th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks, US President Joe Biden, following his campaign promise, officially issued a statement on April 24, 2021, recognizing… Read More

The Wake Up Call It was not to happen this way. The national mood of the 106th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide was to be a continued spirit of jubilation of expanded global recognition and a slow but solid path towards our aspirations for recognition, restoration and reparation. Instead, a year of unprecedented affliction struck us, the memory of which brings chills to the soul of every Armenian around the globe. COVID-19,… Read More

Armenians all over the world commemorate April 24, the Armenian Martyr’s Day in order to express their deepest afflictions and affections, their profound disappointments and frustrations, their loftiest ideals and dreams and their uttermost dedications and consecrations. First, we commemorate April 24 in order to remember our martyrs and pay tribute totheir sacrificial lives. We remember the tragedy that befell our people beginning April 24, 1915, the events that drove them out… Read More

For the Armenian Nation, April 24 is a solemn day of remembrance, contemplation, and determination to achieve justice that has eluded us for over a century. It is a day when faith is reinforced and hope seems to progress towards actualization. It stands at a crossroad providing us with options as to what methods of action to adopt. It is a time to take stock of past struggles, failures, and successes dotted on the… Read More

AMAA’s Christian Life Committee welcomes you to join us virtually on Saturday, May 15, 2021, as we “PRAY + ACT FOR SYRIA,” which will be led by AMAA Executive Director/CEO, Zaven Khanjian. Rev. Dr. Haroutune Selimian, President of the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria and the Minister of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church in Aleppo, will give a report on what life has been like in Syria while Rev. L. Nishan Bakalian, the Coordinator of Church… Read More


JOIN IN PERSON: If you are in the Fresno, CA area on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, please join this panel discussion in person at the First Armenian Presbyterian Church in Fresno. Address: 430 S 1st St., Fresno, CA 93702

JOIN VIRTUALLY: Please click post for link