We Must Demonstrate Our Love for and Admiration of Women All Throughout the Year

Harout Nercessiann, AMAA Armenia Representative

Reflections on the Occasion of International Women’s Day

Today is March 8. It is the international Women’s Day. Women all over the world, including Armenia, are honored with nice words of praise and flowers. Husband, brothers, sons, and daughters look for ways of honoring their mothers, sisters, and wives. In Armenia, as in many other countries, March 8 is a holiday. So we all enjoy this special holiday.

By Elise Kalfayan

The day after a gentle rain, sunshine in the crisp late afternoon lit the scene perfectly as guests arrived for Lark Musical Society’s celebration concert, “Faith and Love” at Pasadena’s Ambassador Auditorium, Sunday, March 4, 2018. The program featured Anton Bruckner’s tripartite Te Deum, a popular thanksgiving hymn that honors God’s work among his believers, and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with the Chorus “Ode to Joy,” a masterpiece expressing the human longing for brotherhood and equality. It was a joyful and inspiring celebration of the Armenian Missionary Association of America’s (AMAA) 100-year legacy of mission and service.

AMAA BOARD MEMBER, Dr. Ann R. Karagozian Sarafian, Ph.D. Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

The Armenian Missionary Association of America extends congratulations to Board Member Dr. Ann R. Karagozian Sarafian, who has the distinguished honor of being elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) for her ‘”contributions to combustion and propulsion, education of future aerospace engineers, and service to the country.”

The Child Education Program helps subsidize the education of children in the Middle East. Many of these families struggle to make ends meet and cannot afford to pay the full tuition for their child’s education. By sponsoring a student you can help make their education possible.

The Child Sponsorship Program in Armenia and Artsakh helps meet the necessities of life and gives hope to Armenia and Artsakh’s adorable children by providing basic needs.

The bricks have fallen down, we will rebuild with dressed stone. Isaiah 9:10 NIV Six years of violence and fear have changed lives forever for Syrian Armenians who have remained in Syria and for those who have left. While every effort is being made to start afresh and return to normalcy, the conflict continues to take its toll in more ways than one. In the wake of such calamity the Armenian Missionary… Read More

“My home is in heaven I’m just traveling through this world.” -Billy Graham

Praise the Lord for the life of a humble servant of God who touched the lives of millions in his lifetime and led them to the Savior.

Today, we remember and celebrate the life of Rev. Billy Graham. Regarded as the most influential preacher of the 20th century, he carried the Gospel to every corner of this world. We remain grateful for his life here on Earth.

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