It was reunion time at Hankavan! The mission teams showed up at the camp one by one, each bringing a van-load of energy with them. The youth hugged and kissed each other, they jumped up and down, they even were dancing a shourch-bar (circle dance).

It was also story time at Hankavan. Stories about their experiences in their mission service projects. Animatedly, around the lunch and dinner tables, they shared what they did, both their work as well as their interactions with the local communities. Pastor Datev Basmajian (Lebanon) relates how the teams in Nor Ayntab drew so close that they shared not only their common ministry, but also their colds! And all of the other groups said the same.

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By Joyce Abdulian

Celebrating a Century of Faith, Love, and Service, the Centennial Celebration of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA), founded in 1918 by a small group of pastors, will usher in a new era of outreach at a Banquet on October 20, 2018 at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The goal of the world-wide Centennial Campaign has been to raise $20,000,000. The AMAA will continue its level of commitment to its mission in education, orphan and childcare, Christian ministries, medical outreach, camps, and a range of social services impacting 24 countries world-wide — following our Lord’s mandate; “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Today the teams of youth are spending their last night at their sites, and so it was a time not just of work, but also farewells and touring. Here are some of today’s highlights from each group. So much happened today! Remember, they have been doing much more than what is listed here:

Today, Sunday, most of the groups participated in worship services in or near where they were serving. The pastors in our group preached God’s word to the mostly small churches around the country. A couple of the groups came to worship at the Evangelical Church of Armenia on Baghramyan Street, where many of the attendees are recent arrivals from Syria. But there were also many visitors, from Lebanon, Australia, California, and elsewhere.

All throughout the day reports have been coming in from across Armenia, from our mission teams, who are serving with their whole hearts (“dukhov” as they say these days). They are there to give a boost to the dedicated work being done by locals in various locations Armenia.

The day finally arrived for breaking up into 27 teams to go to 16 different places in Armenia to begin their days of service, which we are calling “mission projects.” They are actually an opportunity to be helping hands in a variety of places, and serve others as if serving the Lord.

After breakfast there was an air of expectation and enthusiasm as the youth happily dragged their suitcases out to the circle between the buildings. The vans arrived, little by little the suitcases were stuffed in them, then the young people gradually piled in, and one by one departed for their destinations. First-timer to Armenia, Chiraz Kassarjian (from Canada), who had to leave today, said, “This has been incredible. I wish I didn’t have to leave.”