Perpetual Mission

Օն ի գործ, օն ի գործ,
եղբայր, օն յառաջ 

“To the work! To the work
We are servants of God.”

-Armenian Evangelical Hymn

‘Mission Accomplished’ proclamations are often premature.

As Americans, years ago, we witnessed President George W. Bush’s theatrical proclamation of ‘Mission Accomplished’ in San Diego.  However, we are still in Iraq and we are also involved in Syria and …, and…, and…, and… The places are many and I am confident, with a bit of contemplation, you can name a few more.
As a child camper, I admired the steep, mystical and majestic hill behind the unfinished structure housing us campers in Kessab, Syria. For my childish but inquisitive mind on a clear and bright summer day, the puzzling and intriguing hilltop was the end of the universe. Growing up I discovered mountains behind the hilltop, followed by vast oceans on the surface of a planet called Earth in the middle of an amazing solar system in an infinite creation.
‘Mission Accomplished’ proclamations are often premature. Missions are perpetual and restrained only by the infinite will of an omnipotent and mighty God.
The Armenian Missionary Association of America is proud of a century old legacy of goodness sown in 24 countries around the globe.
It enjoys a good reputation and commands respect.
It emulates the life of our Lord, Jesus Christ on earth, nurturing the soul, feeding the hungry, healing the sick.
It radiates joy, reaps hope and shores broken lives.
It illuminates the path of life through the dissemination of the Word of God.
It cannot heed to the notion of a ‘Mission Accomplished.’
The AMAA is on track with an ongoing journey of goodness, one which includes every junction of history and especially today at a milestone like our Centennial. 

This journey includes:

New and continuous human and material resources. The expanded mission of the Association responding to the escalating needs of our people requires new hands to toil and additional contributions to help us reach new horizons. AMAA’s Centennial Campaign has clearly drawn the map, set the need, and provided the opportunity.

Individual and collective involvement in our mission. This reflects faith in the work carried out and confidence in the actions taken. If the AMAA is the missionary arm of the Armenian Evangelical Church, the total of all individual involvement and its enduring support should mirror the commitment.
Rededication to the cause. A personal reflection of the soul and the search for a sense of being will enhance a strong commitment to serve a cause conceived and delivered a century ago but ablaze and timely today.
A strong conviction of who we are. God has graced us with a sense of belonging best characterized by the founding Executive Director of the AMAA, Rev. Mihran T. Kalaidjian. He rationalized the Association’s  creation by saying “We founded the Armenian Missionary Association of America with a deep conviction that our martyred Armenian nation will survive and will continue to exist as a nation….Therefore it is indispensable that we contribute to the revitalization of our Armenian heritage and spiritual life.” A century later, together with a heartfelt dedication to humanity, our mission is on track in its indispensable contribution to our Armenian heritage and the spiritual life of our people.
Seeking creative minds. We are not condemned to a box nor buried in an illusion of self-righteousness. Over the course of our history, the AMAA has engaged in hundreds of programs and services. As creative as we have been, the field is yours to fill. Bring us your mission plan and idea, and your personal or collective involvement for our consideration. Every program, service or mission is conceived by a creative and caring mind. Please bring us yours for our consideration. We will be delighted to hear from you.
I call upon you to raise your voice, join hands and work together.
“To the work! To the work
We are servants of God.
Let us follow the path
That our Master has trod.”
Thank you for your very generous and continued support of our Mission! It is much appreciated. 
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