AMAA’s Post-War Humanitarian Projects for Artsakh

Support AMAA’s Post-War Humanitarian Efforts in Artsakh

Following the worst fighting in decades, the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) is committed to meeting the humanitarian needs of our Artsakh brothers and sisters.

In an effort to extend economic aid, connect Diaspora families with their Artsakh kin, and embrace the needy and displaced both in and outside of Artsakh, AMAA has launched several initiatives to help families restore their lives, which were devastated by the recent war. With your help, AMAA will do the utmost to provide Artsakh with the platform to rebuild stronger for the future!

We invite you to join our mission to serve the physical and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in Armenia and Artsakh. Please consider supporting the listed priorities. (All amounts reflected in USD.)

This new program reaches out to Artsakh families who choose to remain in their homeland, as well as refugees in Armenia.  When you choose to support a family you are directly impacting their lives and providing hope. Imagine the joy they will feel knowing that someone across the globe cares. Your sponsorship will empower each family with much-needed income to help alleviate long-term pressures of poverty and access to AMAA services available in their region. Help a family to rise up out of poverty and move toward a sustainable future!

Amount to sponsor one family for one year:

(Each family enrolled in the program will receive a quarterly remittance of $600. Sponsors and families are encouraged to build a relationship through letter writing.)

A decent home is the core for any family to grow and feel secure. In partnership with the Dutch NGO, Mission Possible, and Dutch Evangelical TV Station, EO-Matterdaad, damaged houses in Artsakh are being renovated. Your investment will improve a family’s living conditions and provide housing stability.

Sponsorship levels for home renovations:
$5,000    $2,000    $1,000    $500

Beyond the classroom, children need to remain engaged and active in the learning process. In partnership with Teach for Armenia, AMAA is distributing Lenovo tablets to children who have limited financial resources. Tablets are equipped with a special chip for free access to internet and apps & games to help with educational and psychological recovery of each child. Your gift will help inspire a child to discover a new world of learning!

Amount to sponsor one tablet:

Imagine being a parent and seeing your child hungry. For many families, food insecurity is a grim reality, especially in the aftermath of the war. AMAA’s food assistance program will provide families (with children ages 0-12) with monetary funds to buy food and other essential items. Together, we can help end hunger for these families.

Amount to sponsor one family of 5-6 for one month:

AMAA commissioned local factories to make sets of clothing and shoes for children. The vision is to provide new, quality clothing to school-age children, free of charge so that they may attend school and go out in warmth and confidence.

Amount to sponsor one set of clothing:

(Each set contains: Shoes, socks, pants, underwear, sweaters and winter jackets. Initial Quantity: 1,000 children; 500 male, 500 female)

The AMAA is adding new children from Artsakh into our Sponsorship program. Children are sponsored as needed.

Amount to sponsor one child:
$300 Annually, $150 Biannually, $75 Quarterly, $25 Monthly

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