Upcoming Prayer Meeting and Artsakh Update


-Viktor Karapetyan, AMAA Representative in Artsakh

Despite the blockade and the difficult situation in Artsakh, AMAA continues to operate its offices, Kindergartens, and “Shogh” Day Centers in Artsakh. Although there may not be an open road to bring in supplies, your donations will help keep the centers open for those in need of our services and programs. We thank you for joining us during Saturday’s PRAY + ACT event. To ADVOCATE and SUPPORT those in need, please visit the link below.

God hears our prayers.

Thank you again for joining AMAA’S PRAY + ACT FOR ARMENIA + ARTSAKH.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 04, 2023 @ 11:00 AM (EST):

REGISTER for our virtual service to hear an update on the current Artsakh blockade, learn how to take action, and pray together.

This Saturday, hear reports on the current Artsakh Blockade by Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Artsakh, Gegham Stepanyan, AMAA Artsakh Representative, Viktor Karapetyan, AMAA Armenia Representative, Aren Deyirmenjian, and AMAA Armenia External Relations Coordinator, Lusine Ohanyan.

Learn how to take action and pray together during a facilitated prayer time, led by AMAA’s Christian Life Committee Chair, Rev. Dr. Haig Kherlopian.

8:00 AM (PST) (Saturday in US and Canada)
11:00 AM (EST) (Saturday in US and Canada)
5:00 PM (Saturday in France, Belgium, Germany)
6:00 PM (Saturday in Lebanon)
8:00 PM (Saturday in Armenia)

AMAA’s Askeran KG Doors are Open Despite the Blockade of Artsakh

by Anahit Danielyan, AMAA Askeran KG Director

Despite the blockade and the difficult situation in Artsakh, the only kindergarten in Askeran, the Yeprem and Zabel Basmajian KG of AMAA and AMAC remains faithful to its God-given service. Even for ten children, the doors of the KG are open.

In the morning, the staff of the KG meets with working parents who do not have a babysitter and greet them with a kind smile and express their deep gratitude that even without food, we are able to provide the children an enjoyable day. With almost non-existent food, lack of heating and the many other issues are nothing against the united struggle of the entire staff. These days Food is distributed to Artsakh citizens with vouchers, and the situation of kindergarteners is unclear. I somehow manage to solve the issue of breakfast. We feed the children cottage cheese, sweet tea and bread. My heart trembled with pain when I saw little Narek’s troubled look. It conveyed everything. He was crying when he was talking with me, and I barely understood what he wanted to say. “I want eggs and butter; I don’t like milk and cottage cheese” he said. We began to convince him about the benefits of our breakfast. Then Koharig from the group joined us and began to persuade him: “Look, Narek jan, my teddy bear is eating it too. Now it is very difficult to find bread, eat it, if not you will not even have that,” and she gave the bread to the teddy bear sitting next to her. Witnessing this, we were both happy and sad. We were happy when all the children started eating their breakfast at once, but we were sad when we couldn’t convince Narek to eat at least a little of what was available, and he continued to insist that he wants eggs and cheese which are very difficult to find these days…

What is the fault of these children?

Lord, please protect our little ones and forgive us. Do a miracle so we can get out of this nightmare soon and be able to give our little ones full joy. Amen.