Pray for Our Church in Alfortville, France


Entrance damaged by fire on morning of April 2nd

Keep the members of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Alfortville (Paris, France) who are still in shock from a 6:00 am, Sunday arson attack on the Church.

According to reports, a trash bin in front of the Church was deliberately set on fire. Thankfully, firefighters arrived in time to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading. This is the third attack on the Church over the past year, the last one was on March 26th, when stones were thrown against the building causing some damage.

The Pastor, Rev. Gilbert Leonian and his wife, who live on the second floor were awake at the time and are safe.  No injuries were reported in the incident.  The Church’s entrance was substantially damaged.

March 26th attack

We thank God for His divine protection of the Church and the Pastor and expect that local authorities will work to prevent any recurrence. Pray for our Church and congregation of Alfortville and seek His grace and forgiveness for the misguided perpetrators.