President’s Message

The Kingdom of God

But seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be given to you.

Matthew 6:33
Nazareth E. Darakjian, MD, AMAA President

As human beings we are on a perpetual mission to seek and find all that we think is necessary for our existence  ̶  from the very basics of food, clothing and shelter to the emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. The memories of the Christmas season are not too far behind us, with the crowded malls full of thousands of people seeking that perfect gift for a loved one. That perfect gift, of course, is often less than perfect as it ends up going back to where it came from the day after Christmas. There is no question that we spend a good portion of our lives in trivial pursuits.

The sixth chapter of Matthew is the middle chapter of the three that bring to us Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. This chapter is also of major significance since it includes the Lord’s Prayer. It is also in this chapter that Jesus exhorts us not to worry about what we’re going to wear, what we’re going to eat and what we’re going to drink. Jesus is not telling us here that we can do without food and drink, but He wants us to have our priorities right.

Jesus mentions the term “The Kingdom of God” or its equivalent “The Kingdom of Heaven” more than a hundred times in the four Gospels. He uses many stories and parables to try to explain and describe what the Kingdom of God would be like. In the above-mentioned verse, there is one very important descriptive of the Kingdom of God and that is righteousness, His righteousness.

As mortal human beings we have no access to the Kingdom of Heaven yet, but we sure can ask God to establish His kingdom on earth. We do that every time we say the Lord’s prayer, don’t we? The key to establishing God’s kingdom on earth is righteousness, this time our righteousness. When we human beings learn to be righteous according to God’s commandments then all our needs will be met, and all our worries answered. This is how we need to set our priorities in our day to day living to make life on earth “heavenly” for us and our fellow human beings.

For over a hundred years the Armenian Missionary Association of America has had a mission to reach out and help meet the needs of our communities in 24 countries. Our support has been humanitarian to many needy families and individuals affected by an earthquake, wars, economic meltdown and multiple other natural and manmade disasters. Our support has been in the educational sphere by building and supporting kindergartens, schools and institutions of higher learning in Artsakh, Armenia, the Middle East and the United States. We have built and supported summer camps and churches that have provided Christian Education to young and old to bring them closer to God and His Word. Our mission has been and will be to follow the Great Commission of Jesus and spread the Gospel that will lead people to the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Nazareth E. Darakjian, M.D.
President, AMAA Board of Directors
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