Gyumri Church and Community Center

Just north of Arakadz (the highest mountain in Armenia), Gyumri is the second largest city in Armenia and the regional center in the Shirak Highland. With a rich history, Gyumri is considered the main cultural and educational center of northern Armenia. The AMAA began its work in the city of Gyumri in 1989. Read More

Vanadzor Church

Vanadzor is the third largest city of Armenia and the capital of the Lori region in northern Armenia. Vanadzor and its surroundings are rich in archeological monuments. The city has food and light industries, chemical and machine productions. But the big factories which once were a major source of employment are out of use. The majority of the inhabitants either works abroad or is busy with retail or agricultural trade. Read More


In the Lori region of Armenia, situated on the banks of the River Debed, surrounded by the mountains and trees is the beautiful town of Alaverdi.  Once considered as being one of the major centers of ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry in the Soviet Union, numerous factories produced food, textile and garments, domestic and service enterprises thrived.  Nowadays, the town’s population of 13,000 people deceases day by day as residents are migrating out of this beautiful region.  Lack of employment is a driving factor.  Read More


With a population of 20,300 in the Tavush province of Armenia, Ijevan is also surrounded by beautiful mountains and thick forests.  The Tavush region is known for its picturesque views and sculpture gardens.  The majority of the population is involved in agriculture, service industries and trade.  Ijevan is a major center for traditional Armenian carpets and woodworking. Read More

New Southwest District Church in Yerevan

The current ministry is housed in an inadequate facility –leaky roof, extreme temperatures in winter and summer due to lack of insulation, no open space for children to play. Read More


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