Relief is Still Needed in Syria


Syria Relief: Milk Distribution

AMAA’s relief efforts remain strong in Syria. Whether it is direct relief provided to the remaining community in Aleppo or providing a ‘Lifeline’ and new opportunities for those who seek to leave and begin anew in the Homeland -Armenia.

With the unification of the City of Aleppo and the departure of extremist militants from it, Aleppo has enjoyed a measure of safety since mid-December.  Even though the barrage of shells, mortars and rockets have ceased, the trials of acquiring the basic necessities for a decent daily life remain.  Running water and electricity in Aleppo have once again been cut-off.  Unemployment, lack of vital services and inadequate medical care persist in plaguing war-torn Aleppo. The impoverished communities desperately need our help!


Syria Relief: Food Basket Distribution

Consider sponsoring an individual or family as they await on a long list to resettle in the Homeland.