“Shogh” Day Centers

The best gift one can give a child is an education. A well-rounded education provides young people with the tools they need to grow into proactive citizens, helping to break the cycle of poverty.

The “Shogh” Day Centers in Yerevan, Gyumri, Stepanavan and Vanadzor in Armenia, and Askeran and Shushi (currently operates in Stepanakert) in Artsakh, are educational after school programs serving nearly 290 children, from ages 6-12 years old, who grow in socially underserved families by offering:

  • Tutoring by highly qualified and experienced Teachers, Social Workers and Psychologists
  • Group or One on One Social, Psychological or Psychotherapy Sessions
  • Relationship Building and Personal Development Sessions
  • Recreational Summer Camps, Excursions and Cultural Events
  • Fine Art Classes
  • Parental Skills Sessions
  • Daily Hot Meals

The “Shogh” Day Centers provide for children’s safety during parents’ working hours preventing children’s involvement in dangerous situations, associated with accidents or violence.

The existence of the Centers also creates a positive cultural and educational environment which has a critical impact on communities where they are located.

The Centers operate in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues of the Republic of Armenia and local government bodies.

Behind any success story, there is usually a history of obstacles, unmet needs and difficulties. Anna’s story is one of them.

Anna’s family is large. She has four underage siblings and a lonely mother who works as a cleaning lady to provide for her family. Since her mother comes home late, Anna’s older sister and brother must take care of their younger siblings. Anna’s sister cooks meals for the family who lives in a small two-room apartment provided by the government. Because of the lack of parental care, the children have behavioural and psychological issues.

When Anna started attending the “Shogh” Day Center in Shushi, she was very aggressive, fighting with children. Anna refused to communicate with the teachers and specialists, and had a disrespectful attitude toward them. Through consistent direction, love and care of the professional team at the Center, Anna changed in many ways. She now has friends, a good attitude toward the working team, participates in group discussions and does much better in school. The Day Center has also involved Anna’s older brother in some extracurricular activities at the Center, trying to provide a healthy environment for the teenager.

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